Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Next Tom Petty

Growing up J and his dad played the drums and the guitar together. His mom's basement is filled with old guitars and amps that haven't been used in years and in J's home office he has a beautiful guitar that I have yet to see him play in the past 4 years. That was until the other night when Ben decided he wanted to rock out.

J decided to get his tuner and amp out and after MUCH convincing played me a little tune. He gave Ben a guitar pick and it was so cute to see Ben try to play like his daddy. By the time I ran upstairs to get the camera, Ben was pretty much over it so these are the best pics I could get.

Hopefully this is just the first of many more music sessions in our future. Now if only J would teach me to play the guitar.
Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Thank goodness Ben is feeling better and back to his old self. It's no fun when your baby is sick. I felt so bad for the little guy. Tuesday afternoon I started to feel pretty bad and I prayed that I wasn't getting what Ben had. Thankfully when I woke up the next morning I felt a lot better.

Ben seems to be completely over his stomach bug which is perfect timing since the weather here has been so beautiful the past couple of days and it makes me want fall to get here even faster. We've been spending a lot of our time outside and hopefully it will stay nice for the weekend and we can spend a lot of time at the park.

I took this picture of Ben on his way to preschool this morning since he looked so darn cute.
Friday, August 20, 2010


A little bug has officially taken over Ben. Poor thing has been sick since Tuesday night and just when we thought he was all better, he started throwing up again. The worst part is that although he's drinking plenty of fluids, he refuses to eat anything. Everything we offer him he says, "no, no," and pushes it away. Looks like I'll be spending lots of time cuddling and relaxing with my sweet man this weekend, hopefully sans vomit. Fingers crossed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

No Excuses

Wouldn't it be great if the reason I've been away from blogging for so long is because I got all of my 10 Things in 10 days completed?!? Well it would be great, but it would also be a big.fat.lie. Out of the 10 things I've completed 1. One. Uno. That's it. 

Another reason for my lack of blogging is that between work and the heat, by the time I get home, make dinner and spend time as a family, blogging is the last thing I want to do. It's been 100 degrees here lately and miserable. Despite the heat, last weekend Ben and I went with my mom to the Farmer's Market where I got some amazing peaches and tomatoes and Ben got a cookie. Go figure.

I also realized that a chocolate chip cookie on a 100 degree day equals sticky little fingers so not my brightest move. After the farmers market we went back to my mom's house where Ben met a new "friend," and didn't understand why it didn't want to play ball.

We also went over to J's grandparent's house where I got to see old videos of J and his brother when they were babies. It's crazy how much Ben looks like J when he was little. I love getting to spend time with J's grandparents and I love that Ben is getting to spend time with his great grandparents. I think there are 10 great grandkids now and 2 on the way.

Hopefully my next post will be all about my completed projects! 
Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 in 10 Challenge

I saw this great idea for a challenge over at The Shabby Chic Cottage and decided it might be the perfect little push of motivation I need to do some things around the house that I have been meaning to do forever. You would think I would have accomplished all of these before I began my new job, but no. I had much more important things to do like catching up on reality tv, watching movies, reading a few books, and laying around. I did manage to do some projects around the house that I had been wanting to get done like re-decorating the guest bathroom and master bathroom and sprucing up Ben's room. But, there is still much more to be done so on to the list....

1. Organize master bedroom closet and arrange clothes by color.

2. Make a beautiful topiary to sit in the front of our house. I'm following this awesome and easy idea that Natalie posted about over at Team Imhoff.(I think I might need to do this one first since it is already August)

3. Create a "Fish Family Map" inspired by Stephanie over here. What a neat idea!

4. Scan and print our family photos from Ben's 1yr photo shoot. I realize he is now 18 months-don't judge. Remember I've been busy doing a whole lot a nothin.

5. Put said pictures in frames and create a photo wall for the living room.

6. Make this key holder so that J and I don't have to constantly ask each other, have you seen my keys?

7. I also want to make this organizer for all of my bags and wrapping materials. Notice a pattern yet? I LOVE the ideas from the blog, It's the Little Things That Make a House a Home. She is so creative!

8. Create my wish list for Santa. It's never to early to start right? 

9. Complete Ben's playroom with new art and organization. I think this one will be the toughest to tackle and I have a feeling might take 10 days just by itself.

10. Finish reading Eat, Pray, Love. My friend's Megan and Anna have read it and we're going to see the movie when it comes out, but for some reason I just can't get into this book. It might or might not have something to do with the fact that I would rather watch Rachel Zoe or Teen Mom than read.  

Wheew. I'm exhausted already just looking at my list of 10 things. I plan on posting pictures of each of the finished projects as I do them. Hopefully the next 10 days will be full of motivation and inspiration! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Happened to Never Again?

Remember how J and I decided we were going to take a break from eating at restaurants with Ben since he seems to want to do everything but sit in the high chair and eat? Welp that lasted about a week. J's aunt was in town from Florida so all of J's family went to dinner and despite our better judgment we went too. And to make us look like liars, Ben did fantastic. He sat in his chair, ate his food, and didn't throw anything!