Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am thankful for:

  • a healthy boy
  • a man who is a terrific father and provider
  • a Savior who provides comfort
  • cool fall temperatures
  • parents who support me no matter
  • leggings
  • beautiful nieces 
  • J's family who have become my own
  • a job and the terrific people I work with
  • umbrellas
  • my education
  • dvrs, remote starts, and the iphone-and the ability to have such luxuries
  • a place to spend the holidays
  • the way Ben smells when he gets out of the bath
  • the abundance of love and encouragement that I am surrounded with on a daily basis 
Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday, November 19, 2010

Brotherly Love

The other night we went with J's parents and brother to Chuck E Cheese. Of course Ben had fun, but I don't think he had as much fun as these two.
There's nothing quite like two almost 30 year old brothers playing a video game meant for a 5 year old. 
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Animal Affair: St. Louis Zoo

Since I've been such a bad blogger lately, I am just now getting around to posting about our trip to the zoo two weekends ago. I had been nagging asking J to go to the zoo since Summer, but let's face it, 95 degrees and animal droppings do not sound like fun. As it turns out our procrastination paid off and we just happened to have one last weekend where it was 70 and sunny. We seized the opportunity and off to the St. Louis Zoo we went.

Oh, look it's a monkey. Wait, what is he doing.....
Just enjoying a little snack that he pulled from his rear end!
That's right. In front of a full crowd, this little guy decided to eat his own poop. And without shame I might add. For a good five minutes he proudly looked at all the cameras as they flashed away trying to capture this hilarious moment.

This peacock came strolling by us and hopped right into the area with the ground hogs.

You can't really tell from this picture, but I thought that this monkey looked just like a wise old grandma monkey and so full of wisdom.

Our day at the zoo was so much fun and this little man had a blast!

August 2009~St. Louis Zoo
Crazy how much things change in a year.
Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 Things

You know how much I love a meme so here is yet another one...

7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die
1. Decorate my house exactly how I want it. In every room.
2. Visit Italy. 
3. Actually read all the books on my book list.
4. Bake a pie from scratch.
5. Give our parent's an all inclusive trip somewhere involving sand and water
6. Eat at the Melting Pot
7. Go to Chicago with J

7 Things I Can Do
1. Cry on cue.
2. Say the thing everyone is thinking but won't say.
3. Get ready in under a half an hour(from shower to out the door).
4. Fall asleep during a movie. at eight o'clock.
5. Make awesome french toast-even though I don't like it or eat it.
6. Drive on an empty tank of gas for a few days.
7. Get a really good bargain.

7 Things I Cannot Do
1. Get in and out of Target in less than half an hour.
2. Eat less carbs.
3. Play guitar.
4. Fold the laundry immediately after it comes out of the dryer.
5. Stop shopping.
6. Go to bed without checking to make sure all the doors and windows are locked.
7. Go to the gym seven days a week.

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. I'm just sayin
2. Ben
3. Yeah
4. Whatever
5. I don't want to...
6. You suck
7. I'm so tired

7 Things That Annoy Me
1. Paying for parking at a hotel.
2. Half full soda cans laying around the house(uhhmmm..J).
3. Having to take the trash out.
4. Running into people you don't want to see in public.
5. People who drive at or under the speed limit in the left lane.
6. Having to tip the pizza guy.
7. Trying to decide what's for dinner.

7 Things That Scare Me:
1. Driving at night.
2. Driving in the rain.
3. Strange noises in the house.
4. Spiders.
5. Undercooked meat.
6. Myself in the morning when I get out of bed.
7. Plane crashes.
Friday, November 5, 2010

Too Cool For School

On the way home from preschool today I turned around to look at Ben and saw this.

He's awesome.
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monkeying Around on Halloween

Halloween was such a blast this year. The festivities started a few weeks ago with our annual tradition of carving pumpkins.Wanting our child to keep all his little fingers, we opted for painting instead of carving. 

He did do a great job though of separating the pulp from the seeds.
J and Ben's pumpkins. Noticeably mine was absent and there's a reason for it. It was crap and I was pretty disappointed in myself. 

The Friday before Halloween, Ben's preschool had a fall carnival with games, face painting, and prizes.
Ben did so well sitting still to get his face painted. I was sure that both Ben and his teacher were going to have paint all over them but he did great.

Like most holidays, Halloween was split between both J's parents and mine. That afternoon we went to J's parents house to see his brother, aunt and uncle, grandparents, and cousins. I love that all of J's family live so close and that we get to see them so often. My MIL made chili and Ben got several pumpkins full of goodies including his favorite, Playdough. While fun to play with, Ben really likes to eat it.
Back away woman. 

Ben didn't quite know what to think of his cousin's hat.

At sunset we made the trip back home and headed over to my parent's house where we ate even more food and took Ben to some houses in their neighborhood. It was neat to take Ben to the same houses where I used to trick or treat when I was little.