Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Believe

not wanting to have kids does not make you selfish

reading before bed is a great way to fall asleep

in giving your child the most opportunities and experiences as possible, even if they will never remember some of them

that having money may not make you happier, but it can make things easier

naps should be mandatory for all adults in the workforce, especially stay at home moms

saving is not as fun spending, but oh so important

really good food is worth the price

being kind is way under-rated

many of the general ed classes you have to take in college are a waste of time

being in a grown up, adult relationship is really hard

that love is powerful
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Weekend In Minutes

960 minutes at my work's annual conference.

60 minutes scarfing down lunches between workshops.

30 minutes watching Mr. Hoppy entertain Ben, "I catch the bunny...and squish it!"

90 minutes eating the most delicious dinner with some fabulous girls.

112 minutes oooing and ahhhing over Jake with said girls from above.

27 minutes of pure joy that bubbles bring to a 2 year old.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

15 Facts

1. I like fountain soda better than soda out of a bottle.
2. My fingernail polish remover manages to spill all over my nail polish case at least once a month.
3. J and I act so weird sometimes that it reaffirms that fact that we are meant to be together. Who else could accept our weirdness?
4. After being pregnant with Ben I have the worst time sleeping in a bed and my back is killing me. Most nights I always end up on the couch.
5. My sister and I are 11 years apart, yet we have children six months apart.
6. Working with children with autism is the most exhausting yet most rewarding job ever.
7. I want a baby girl. So does J. We shall see...
8. I see my parents at least once a week.
9. Each year the University I work for sends out a remembrance email with names of students and faculty that have passed away in the past year. I have to look up each one and see how they died.
10. Movies that I will always stop and watch when they are on tv: Pretty Woman, Sister Act 2, and Titanic.
11. I love hosting parties. One day I would love to be a party planner.
12. Some days I have guilt about not being a stay at home.
13. I am so grateful that  I got to be a stay at home mom for a little while.
14. I will never be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not work out.
15. I think money spent on gas and groceries it the biggest waste ever. However, I don't mind spending money on food at a great restaurant.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My sister, brother in law, and nieces were in town this past week from Atlanta and I managed to snap some pictures of the cousins together. Aren't they darling?!
Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Boy Room Inspiration

We have yet to convert Ben's crib to his big boy bed. I know, he's two. He's ready and perfectly capable of sleeping in a regular bed but we're really lucky in the fact the he hasn't/doesn't try to climb out of his crib. I guess I'm putting it off because I know it will be hard the first couple of nights and honestly I just don't trust that he won't spring up from his bed at one in the morning and start playing with his trains.

One thing that does ease my nerves about the big boy bed transition is the fact that with a big boy bed comes a big boy room! Here are a few ideas I'm thinking about for the room.

What do you all think? Which one do you like best?
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer in Spring Time

This past weekend the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I think we broke a record for the all time high in April with 91 degrees on Sunday. Luckily the wind was blowing and it was just perfect.

Ben had quite the weekend. Saturday afternoon we spent a lot of time at the park where he got to play with one of his friends from preschool who also happened to be there.

Sunday morning, we got up bright and early and headed over to the movie theater to see one of their free Spring movies. Each fall and spring, the theater shows older movies that were previously in the theater for free. We watched Cats and Dogs or more like 45 minutes of it and then Ben was ready to leave. The movie wasn't animated, but I thought he still might enjoy it because of the animals. It was definitely a movie for older kids and I think Ben would have sat longer if it had been a cartoon.

After the movie we headed to the park with my parents to feed some of the geese. Or shall I say the geese chased us until we threw them our bread.

He seems so big in this picture.

Climbing all the way to the big slide and declaring, "I do it myself" which he does.

An ice cream treat after a much needed nap.

 Before dinner, we made these stepping stones to go in our soon to be garden.

Followed by one last visit to the park. This kid loves being outdoors.

At the end of the day we were all exhausted, but we had so much fun. I have a feeling we will be practically living outside this Summer. At least I will have an awesome tan:)
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Your Friend's Getting Divorced

After reading Erin's post over at Blue Eyed Bride I felt inspired to talk about my girlfriends. I have to say that I have some of the best group of friends a girl could ask for. They are funny, smart, and most importantly, genuinely good, kind people.

Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with one of my oldest friends who I have known since middle school.Yes, I have the pictures to prove it, big hair, bangs, and all, but those shall remain out of the blog world. She recently told me that she is getting a divorce from her husband of a year and a half. My heart broke for her. 

As we sat talking about the good ole days, we found ourselves crying from laughter instead of sadness. As she told me how she has reached this point, I couldn't help but think about how brave and strong she was. She wasn't leaving the marriage because anyone cheated or because there was abuse, but because she wasn't happy and hadn't been for a while. She wasn't living her best life. And I think what she did was extraordinary.

It's often easy to become complacent in relationships and even your life. We all have those moments where we think is this really what I am supposed to be doing, is this really what I want for myself? And for most of us the answer is yes and if it's not, we make adjustments or we should. Making changes in our lives is not always easy and sometimes no matter how hard you try to make things work, the person you thought was the one you could spend your life with isn't. And many many people stay anyway.

Her decision didn't come lightly. And she certainly didn't go into the marriage taking it lightly. I know this road has been long and I'm sure she has tough days ahead. The great thing about my friend however is that she is strong and independent and has the best sense of humor. And sometimes when you've cried all you can cry all that's left to do is laugh. Laugh about our taste of boys in junior high, laugh about how we used a roll brush to get that perfect curl in our bangs, laugh about her grandma who mastered the art of smoking while laying down and managed not to burn down the house.

I know when we're old and gray she'll be able to look back at her life and how making this really hard choice was the best decision she ever made.

I'm so proud of your courage and strength friend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mother Daughter Getaway to KC

So there's a lot of excuses as to why I haven't updated this blog of mine in FOREVER. I could talk about how work has been kicking my butt, how when I get home all I want to do is curl up on the couch, or how I lost all motivation to do anything-I'm pretty sure there was a week recently when I didn't cook a meal the entire week. Oops.

But enough with the excuses. Since things have been so crazy, my mom and I decided to have a little girls night away. Last Friday we packed our bags, I left the little man with J, and we headed off to the plaza in Kansas City.

I love everything about this place. The outdoor shops, the fountains, the architecture, and not to mention the food.

My mom and I stayed at the Sheraton on the plaza and could walk to everything.

Since it's almost Easter, these cute little bunnies were placed all around and on the side of each one was the bunny's name. I couldn't help think how Ben would have loved to be there and see them. 

We ate the most delicious foods, snagged a few goodies, and just laid around and relaxed in the hotel room.

 Even though I was only gone one night I must have called J 10 times to check in and see what they were doing. I know it's good to get away sometimes and it's good for J and Ben to have time alone, but I missed them so much.