Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Boy Room Inspiration

We have yet to convert Ben's crib to his big boy bed. I know, he's two. He's ready and perfectly capable of sleeping in a regular bed but we're really lucky in the fact the he hasn't/doesn't try to climb out of his crib. I guess I'm putting it off because I know it will be hard the first couple of nights and honestly I just don't trust that he won't spring up from his bed at one in the morning and start playing with his trains.

One thing that does ease my nerves about the big boy bed transition is the fact that with a big boy bed comes a big boy room! Here are a few ideas I'm thinking about for the room.

What do you all think? Which one do you like best?
3 comments on "Big Boy Room Inspiration "
  1. The owl bedding on the first one is SO cute. I think whatever you do will look fabulous!

  2. I agree with Molly. I love the first one.

  3. I was at Joann's today and saw a curtain fabric very similar to the jungle one. Let me know if I can help by sewing something!