Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nuggets of Wisdom

Whether you agree with their politics or not, you've got to admit The Obama's make a darn cute couple. Here are two of the First Lady's refreshingly honest, not so secret "secrets" on being with POTUS.

On marriage: "You have to really really like and respect the person you're married too. It's a hard road. Don't expect it to be easy. Melding two lives together and trying to raise others and doing it forever is a recipe for disaster. There are highs and lows, but in the end if you can look him in the eye and say I like you, that's the key. I stopped believing in love at first sight. You go through that, but when it gets hard you need more."

On fidelity: "I never worry about things I can't affect and with fidelity...that is between Barack and me, and if somebody can come between us, we didn't have much to begin with."

1 comment on "Nuggets of Wisdom"
  1. That fidelity quote is great. So true. She is pretty much the coolest person. I adore them.