Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend went way too fast, as they always seem to do. 

Friday night we hung around the house and soaked up some quality family time. Once Ben was in bed J and I watched The Tourist.
After debating over what movie to watch for 20 minutes we settled on this not expecting much especially since it had less than 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. Surprisingly we both thought it was pretty good. Especially the ending. You have to keep watching until the end.

Saturday was reserved for clearing out the forest of weeds that decided to make their home in our front flower beds. And to keep those pesky plants away, I topped the bed off with a nice layer of mulch. Is it bad that I was so sore the next day? What does that say about my workouts....or lack there of?

Saturday night a group of us from work enjoyed frozen drinks on a patio and then had to go next door to the quaint Irish pub next door and devour some of the best pizza. I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

Sunday morning was filled with donuts and frantically trying to plant things in our garden before a storms rolled in. 

J found the cutest kit in which you plant the seeds in little soil packs and once they sprout, you transfer them to the ground. Hopefully in a few short weeks we will have an assortment of different peppers and tomatoes as well as some sunflowers and marigolds. We might also get suntomatoes or merripeppers thanks to Ben's slippery little fingers when dropping the seeds in.

Next weekend my sister officially moves back from Georgia and we are all so excited! 

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