Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big Boy Room Reveal

A few weekends ago J and I transformed Ben's nursery into a big boy room, complete with the transformation of his crib to a toddler bed.

The print is from ETSY, fire hydrant was a garage sale find, and the blue rattle was J's when he was a baby.

These prints are from ETSY as well and the frames were .25 cents each from a garage sale which I spray painted them in a high gloss blue. Can you tell I'm into Owls lately?

So excited for his new room that he couldn't even take the time to wipe his lunch of his face.
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Owl See You Soon Baby {An Owl Themed Baby Shower}

Yesterday I hosted an adorable owl themed baby shower for my friend Mrs. Bojangles and her sweet hubby.

When I first started planning the shower I knew I didn't want to do a traditional blue, balloon and bears shower since that's not my kinda thing or hers. So I let this little guy be my inspiration and went from there.

They couple chose not to share the name until after he was born which fit into the themed perfectly.

Lot's of delicious food including 2 different kinds of chili and a toppings bar.

All the guests enjoyed a competitive game of match the celebrity baby to their parents. Any guesses as to who Zuma Nest Rock's parent's are?

 And take a look at these little cuties

Grandparents to be. 

Another great game, especially for co-ed showers is baby bottle chugging. We were all DYING laughing. And there are so many comments that can be made about sucking faster. 

I can't wait to meet this sweet little baby boy. Only 8 weeks and counting!
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

 Pinterest is awesome. I know I'm the billionth person to say that, but it is.

2. Speaking of Pinterest, I did manage to make funfetti cookies last Sunday and they were just as delicious as I thought they would be. I will warn you that they are super addictive so get them out of your house as soon as possible. 

I'm addicted to HyVee's Santa Fe mix. Which is why I don't buy it that often. 

I saw this on another blog and it reminded me of my meat-free friends.

For some reason, this is how I felt when I finished A Million Little Pieces and I read it at least 5 years ago. 

The half-marathon training is going. So much so that the sole of my shoe as started to peel up. I'd like to think it's because of all the miles I've been logging, but let's face it, it's probably because I've had my tennis shoes since high school. No lie. And I'm not even embarrassed about it. I'm so afraid I won't be able to find another pair that's as comfortable as these, but I think it's time. 
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Well the countdown continues. 32 more weeks until the big day.

What has been accomplished since the last Wedding Wednesday?

Find inspiration for our engagement photo shoot
Finalize rehearsal dinner place and menu
Secure D.J.

To Do:
Finalize bridesmaid dress
Find mother of the bride and MIL dress
Gather inspiration and ideas for Bridal Luncheon
Start working on wedding party gifts
Secure hotel rooms for out of town guests
Book wedding night hotel

Monday, September 19, 2011

Yo Gaba Gaba Live

When I heard Yo Gaba Gaba Live was coming to St. Louis I knew we had to get tickets since Ben is obsessed with the show. More than obsessed actually. We fit as many things we could into our day in St. Louis including our trip to the City Museum. After the museum we headed over to the arena for the show and despite playing his little heart out earlier, Ben was ready to see his favorite characters. 

His face was like this the whole time and his eyes were glued to the stage.

The adult's favorite part was definitely Biz Markie.

Fun Fact: Did you know DJ Lance is originally from St. Louis? He Even gave a shout out to his home town during the show.