Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts: Teachers and Co-workers

The hardest groups of people to gift seem to be co-workers and children's teachers.

Most people tend to have several co-workers so gifting each one a $20 gift card might not be feasible. And then there are teachers. The standard Starbucks gift card is always great but not so unique and believe or not some people just aren't fond of the place (gasp)!

What's a girl to do?

There seems to be one universal gift that everyone Last night after Ben went to sleep I whipped up several different tasty treats while sipping a heaping glass of Moscato.

*Just a side note: As fond as I am about kids helping and baking in the kitchen, anytime I'm making something for others or that other people will be eating I leave little Benny Ben out of it. As much as I love my kid and the germs that come with him, other people might not:) But that's just me...anywhoo...

I started by whipping up some chocolate covered pretzels.

I also picked up some cute decorative boxes and bags to put the goodies in. A Big Lots just opened here in town and although most of their stuff isn't always that great, they do have a lot of cute bags, boxes, containers, etc.

Inside the box I placed a clear party favor bag (found at Walmart in the party isle) and filled her up with pretzels.

The pretzels were going to Ben's 3 classroom teachers so I also included a set of 2 mittens in cute fun colors.

And attached these gift tags I picked up from Michaels. 

For the other teachers at his school and the directors I whipped up a batch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. So easy. The most time consuming part was unwrapping each candy.

*Side note (again). As I started making these I realized I didn't have enough granulated sugar and let's face it, it was 9:30,  I was in my pajamas, and I had one glass of wine so a trip to the store was out of the question. So immediately I panicked turned to my trusty friend Google. Did you know that you can substitute powdered sugar for granulated sugar? You just double the amount. The recipe called for 1/2c granulated sugar so I used 1c. powdered sugar and they turned out just the same. 
I got this cute little cookie wrapper at Big Lots as well. It comes with a red little tray on the bottom to hold the cookies.

And last but not least, for my lovely co-workers I made some good ole fashioned peppermint bark. Recipes for this are all over the internet so if your interested to Google this shiz.

I was so excited when I walked into my office this morning to find that I too had bags of yummy goodies on my desk. I may or may not have had chocolate covered pretzels, chex mix and m&ms for lunch:) 

Tonight J and I are going out to our favorite steak house with our friends whose husband just completed a huge HUGE proposal for work. I can't wait to celebrate and enjoy some delicious food.

Did I use delicious too much in one post?

Stayed tuned for tomorrow as I'll be posting my first of 3 Pinterest Challenge Projects!

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  1. I'm sad I don't work with you anymore :) The gloves are a great idea! Who doesn't love cute gloves??