Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend seemed to fly by as all weekends do.

Friday night Ben's preschool had a holiday party complete with Santa and all! Too bad Ben acted like Santa was the Devil.

Enjoying the potluck dinner

Waiting for Santa...
He's here, he's here!

Holy crap, I hate Santa!

Santa handed out presents to each child.

Once Ben realized Santa shelled out a new Thomas and that he didn't have to sit on his lap, him and Santa were cool.

J and I also rented Cowboys and Aliens.
Pretty good movie and a unique storyline. Plus Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, um yes. And I want to look like Olivia Wilde. Pleasethanx.

We also spent some time with J's family and rounded up the weekend with a little Christmas craft I found on Pinterest.
I'll post more about this later as this project counts towards one of my Pinterest projects for my Stop Pinning and Start Doing Challenge. 

Are you all participating? To find out more about it click here!

This upcoming weekend is the last one before Christmas Eve, eekkk! I can't wait!
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