Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Haul

First let me say what this post is not. This is not the, "look at what stuff we got because we are the shiz and deserve to have everything."

These are a few of the things we received over the holidays because we are so blessed. And trust me, we don't deserve any of this, but are so appreciative we received it.

And...I like seeing what everyone got for Christmas because I'm nosey. So if you're nosey like me, this post is for you.

Gift certificates for the spa. Can.not.wait. Why are spa's just so dang relaxing?

Between my parents and J's, Ben got every possible Thomas item they make. Well maybe not every one, but pretty close. It looks like Grand Central Station up in our house.

My sister got J these cool gloves. You can wear them and still use a touch screen. Perfect for his iphone and ipad.

J also got several movies, including these 2.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a tech book. To each his own:)

I love when J gets gift cards because by default they also become mine. He better not dare use it and not get me anything.

J got me one of my favorite gifts a new HP Photosmart Printer.

My in-laws graciously gifted us with money to spend as we please.

I also got this new perfume.

To wear with my new shoes.

J's grandparents also gifted us some beautiful ornaments and amazing toys for Ben. And our sweet friends Nick and Wendy gave Ben an awesome remote control car and booze for his parents:) Not to mention all the edible goodies I received from co-workers. I may or may not have eaten chocolate covered chex mix at 9am for several mornings the week before Christmas.

With all of our new things we made sure to pack up boxes full of things to take to our local Goodwill. Because as great as it was to receive all these things, it's even better to give back.

What was your favorite thing you received? 
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