Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the perfect mix of laziness and productivity.

Friday night J had a work meeting that turned into happy hour so what's Ben and I to do? We went for a little ice cream date to our favorite fro-yo place and soaked up the 50 degree weather while we could.

Saturday I went to a spinning class at the gym and then we met up with Mrs. Bojangles for lunch. I forgot to snap a pic since I was trying to wrangle a tired, queso chugging monster.

Saturday afternoon J's mom picked up Ben for some quality bonding time and while J worked, I went to a delicious sushi dinner with this little lady and our other friend Laura.

After dinner J so lovingly agreed to see this movie with me. It was a solid C.

Sunday was spent lounging around until we finally decided to get off our butts and clean the house. Every time we clean the house J proudly proclaims at least 5 times, "I love a clean house." I proclaim, "We'll help me keep it that way," said with a smile, of course.

Tonight I'm going to make my first pie. Ever. Iowa Girl Eats Peanut Butter Pie to be exact. Wish me luck.

1 comment on "Weekend Recap"
  1. Yummm that pie looks delish. I miss you guys! A weekend or night in Columbia is looking like a must in February...when are you and B free and who wants to host me!?! just kidding, Brooke better open her spare bedroom up.