Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday!

I'm in love....

Anyone else love that song? It makes my day when that song comes on on an actual Friday. Anyone ever heard that song on a Monday morning? Almost ruins your week. What radio station would do that? It should be illegal.

This weekend I'm looking forward to deep cleaning and organizing the house, getting things ready for Valentines day, and hopefully catching up on some of the Oscar contenders. I also promised Ben I'd take him swimming-indoors obviously, but with temperatures that are supposed to be in the teens this weekend, I'm dreading the walk from the building back to the car with wet hair.

Some things I'm loving from this week:

This haircut on Gwyneth 

Wedding cake

Easy and yummy Valentine's Day breakfast

Customized special date artwork

So true

Why do I always do this

Bahhaaa...if you don't know why this it...or maybe you shoudn't

And of course I'm loving these two

Happy Friday Lovelies! 

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