Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Weekend In Iphone Pics

Our weekend was jam packed.

We celebrated J's mom's birthday with lunch and of course this was the one thing I didn't snap any pictures of. 

Here is my OOTD for Saturday
Blue Sweater: Marshalls
Coral Shirt: Old Navy
Jeggings: Ann Taylor
Boots: Target
Necklace: Charlotte Ruse

 We also babysat this sweet little nugget. I mean, how adorable is he? Check out his mom's blog here.

 I finally hung up Ben's growth chart that I ordered from Paper Coterie around Christmas. He's measuring just under 37 inches tall. 

Now that he's mastered spelling his name, in part to his parents choosing a ridiculously easy name to spell, Ben has moved on to writing his letters. And as a proud mom I can officially report that he can trace all his letters, staying in the lines and all. Next up, free handed.

The enormously large breakfast I made for J before church on Sunday morning.

That afternoon we took over my parent's house to watch the Superbowl. And by watch the Superbowl, I mean eat food, and watch commercials and the halftime show. I have to say I wasn't really impressed by either. 

Ben showing Pampa his letter drawing ability.

And since I forced ourselves upon my parents, I figured the least I could do was make the food. Here are just a few of the recipes I whipped up. I'll share the rest of the dishes with recipes tomorrow.

Is anyone else excited about the RHOBH premiere tonight? Love the original ladies.

Happy Tuesday!
1 comment on "Our Weekend In Iphone Pics"
  1. You did a great job re-creating that outfit! Perfect! And that last picture of Ben from the back... no way! He looks so big! Looking forward to your wedding - and using it as an excuse to buy a new dress :) Miss you!