Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Date Disaster

J was feeling a little under the weather yesterday so I decided to take little man and go on a mommy- son date.

We started off with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and he was so excited to be on a date with mommy. 

The rest of the night went like this:
When is date start?
We're already on the date honey.
But this boring mommy.

Alright, I thought. Nothing a ring pop and Target can't cure.

I want Ernie.
No honey, you already have Ernie at home.
I want that bike.
Nope, you've got one of those too.
(Whining begins)

And much like all my dates in college, this is how it ended.

I kid. Sort of. 
1 comment on "Date Disaster "
  1. Ooohh Mr, Ben....Always good for a laugh. Too bad this time it was at his expense. He cracks me up.