Friday, June 1, 2012

June~The Month of Cleansing

It felt like May was both a long and short month all at the same time. How that's possible I have no idea.

I'm using June as a month of cleansing. Cleansing our house of stuff, cleansing our finances, cleansing our eating-it's not been terribly bad but a lunchable does not lunch make, and most importantly we're cleansing our lives.

One big reason for my cleansing spree????


After months and months of searching we finally found a house we love. I don't have any real pictures and for some reason the ones on the realtors website aren't letting me drag and drop, but trust me it's beautiful. Our current house was brand new when we moved in and pefect for just J and I and then baby Ben. We thought it was so big, but then again everything seems big when moving from an apartment to a house. It was the perfect family starter home. But with our family started and hopefully growing one day, we need more space.

Our new house has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a little over 3500 square feet. Lots of room for our family to grow and make new memories in and lots of room to have people over and entertain- something we love to do but don't do as often because of space. Ben is as equally as excited as we are. The first thing he said when we told him we were moving, "Are we going to take the doors?" Precious.

The new house is more expensive and we will need more furniture if people would like a place to sit when they come over. Thankfully J can crank out projects (one benefit of owning the company) but that also means my shopping habits will need to be reighned in and honestly we do not need any more stuff. It also means I need to purge and get rid of all the things we have but aren't using. Cleansing. It feels good doesn't it. *I should also note that all of our lovely wedding presents will come in handy at the new house and will save us from having to buy a ton of stuff. J and I were so blessed by everyone's generosity. Seriously blessed.

I want June to become the month of saving. And the month where I don't just print the budget sheet out but actually follow it.

I want June to become the month where we truly organize our new house. Everything gets a home and a designated place. Everything.

I want June to become the month where I cook new recipes and make weekend trips to the farmers market.

I want June to become the month where I loosen up on Ben's bedtime and run around in the sprinklers at dusk.

I want June to become the month where I actually complete those Pintrest projects I've been wanting to do since Christmas.

I want June to become the month where I give thanks everyday for everything He has given us.

I want June to become the month where I actually get shiz done but not by taking time away from my famiy.

Cheers to a hopefully fabulous June!
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