Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Butterfinger Pie

When I saw this 4 ingredient pie on  I immediately pinned it away for a time when I needed an easy peasy dessert. 

Of course that time came sooner than later.

What you'll need:
-8 mini butter finger bars (I bought 2 of the snack pack which I think comes with 6 each)
-1 8oz package cream cheese
-1 12oz container Cool Whip
-1 Graham Cracker Crust (you could make your own but that takes away from the easiness of this dessert)

Combine Cool Whip and cream cheese in a bowl. Make sure your cream cheese is very soft or you will end up with lumps.

 Crush Butterfingers and add to the Cool Whip and cream cheese mix. I crushed mine in a ziploc bag but if you wanted to get all fancy you could use a food processor. Make sure you don't crush them too small. You want to be able to taste the bits of Butterfinger when you eat it.

Mix all 3 ingredients.

Pour the mixture into the pie crust.

Top with more crushed Butterfinger. I may have used all 12 mini Butterfingers between what was in the pie and what was on top. Whoops. 

Let the pie chill overnight in the refrigerator and enjoy! Told ya it was easy.
Monday, July 30, 2012

A House and a Home

This is our old house. 

It was J and I's first house.

It was where we brought our baby when we left the hospital. And where he learned to crawl, walk,  and talk.

It's where our family of two became a family of 3.

We celebrated 3 Christmas' in this house.

We raced remote control cars in the driveway and drew animals with sidewalk chalk.

It's where J and I got engaged.

I cooked hundreds of meals in this house and we had lots of family dinners. We even had a few picnics in the living room.

This house was our shelter during the 23+ inches of snow we got one Winter.

There were lots of laughs and some tears.

This house was our home.

A little over a month ago we moved into our new house. The first week or so the new house didn't feel like a home.

I missed the old house. I couldn't think about the old house and all the memories that came with it without getting tearful.

And then one night as I was getting ready for bed, our new house started to feel like home. I finally felt like living at the new house was becoming normal.

I will always think fondly of our old house. We had lots of great memories there. But the memories don't live in that house. 

We love our new home. It has lots of space to grow. There will be plenty of Christmas', birthdays, dinners, and laughter. Maybe we'll even bring another little Fish home here. 

But no matter what house we live in, as long as we have our family, we will always have a home. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey, It's Okay...

That this is only my second post this week. And tomorrow is Monday.

If I'm not really into the Olympics. I like the idea of it all and I'm excited for all the athletes and their hard work, but I have no real desire to watch any of it. Please tell me I'm not the only one who hasn't gone Olympic crazy.

That no matter how much we get done on the house each weekend, it seems like it will never end.

To only eat the watermelon closest to the rhine. Mushy watermelon makes me gag.

To think 90 degrees feels cool when it's been 105 for 2 weeks straight.

To find it slightly annoying when I get to the end of a page on Pinterest and there are no more new pins. Um hellloooo, how am I supposed to know what to make for dinner?

That I've been wearing Christmas pajama pants because all my other ones are in the dirty clothes. Dashing through the snow....

That this is one of the most boring blog posts ever.

To use funny finds from the web for blog content. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why I Blog

It certainly isn't because my life is so darn interesting and fabulous. I mean, it is fabulous and interesting, but not in the I live in NYC and am a fashion blogger meeting famous people every day kind of way. More like, my 3 year old chasing us around the house with daddy's new leaf blower while I attempt to make a 3 layer chocolate cake and get to the oven before it burns kind of way. And although there are those days where NYC seems really appealing, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So why do I do it?

I blog because I want to remember our experiences as a family. I blog because years from now, the little things won't come to mind so easily and it's those little things that I really don't want to forget.

I blog because I want Ben to have these memories when he is older. And so he can show his children his childhood.

I blog because even though I'm a mommy, I also enjoy a wide variety of things that don't revolve around a 3 year old. And this blog gives me an outlet to write about those things.

I blog because in some part, blogging holds me accountable. To do the things I actually want to do, instead of just writing about them or reading about other people doing them.

J and I had an argument discussion recently where he told me that I was doing something just so I can blog about. My immediate reaction was to shout, "Nu-uh." I'm obviously the mature one between us. But then I actually thought about what he was saying. Am I only doing something so that I have content for my blog? The answer was yes and no.

A lot of the things I do, I would do anyway, with or without a blog. Whether it's a photo album, scrapbook, or a daily journal, we each have our own way of remembering parts of our life. It just so happens that I want to document those memories in a blog. Are there things I do because I have a blog that I wouldn't have done before? Probably. Glow sticks in the bathtub anyone?  After all, I got the idea from a fellow blogger.

Reading another person's blog gives you a sneak peak into their life. It can inspire you to do things you wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing. It means instead of just thinking about the places, and crafts, and recipes to be made, I'm actually doing them. And posting about it. And hopefully along the way my child gets to do a fun project, my husband gets to eat a tasty new treat, and I get to make that book shelf that I've pinned.

The point is this (and what I think J was trying to get at...). There needs to be balance. Do I sometimes get caught up in taking pictures of what we're doing instead of actually doing it and living in the moment.Yes. And that defeats the point. If I'm so busy taking pictures instead of participating, then at the end of the day all I will have are some great pictures but no memories to go with them.

So, my goal as a blogger is to document our life, but not to the extent that it interferes with us living it. It's okay if I want to take a picture of that birthday cake that I slaved for hours over I made for J, but I don't need to do it in the middle of our celebration.

Balance. It's a wonderful thing.

Tell me, why do you blog or read other people's blogs?
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday J!

A big BIG Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who turns 31 today.

Source: via Charlot on Pinterest

I hope this is the best birthday yet! I love you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinterest Project {Loaded Baked Potato Dip}

Another pin complete! This little gem has been floating around Pinterest a lot lately. It looked super easy and who doesn't love a yummy dip?

Despite the name, there are no actual potatoes in this dish. The potato element comes from the potato chip. So for all you potato haters (Alissa) rest assured you can still eat this. And yes, I know someone who hate potatoes. Maybe I'll post her picture on here one day so you all can know what she looks like in case you ever run into her.

Anywhoo, back to the dish. This is the easiest dish ever! I made it for a work carry in and sadly there were no leftovers. I would recommend doubling this if you are making it for a big group.

What you'll need:
- 1 16 oz container sour cream
-2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
-16 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled (I used Hormel's new real bacon crumbles-the entire bottle)
-Handful of thinly sliced chives. (I left these out because I can't stand them)

Mix ingredients together

Left the dip sit overnight in the fridge, and top with more shredded cheese before serving.
I served mine with classic Ruffles potato chips. Next time I think I might a little dry ranch dressing into the mix.

What is your favorite dip recipe?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life Lately

Although I got quite a bit done around the house this last weekend, looking back it doesn't feel like I got much accomplished? Does that ever happen to anyone else. I hate that feeling.

One thing I did manage to accomplish? Painting this bright beauty. This is the upstairs guest bathroom/Ben's bathroom. IRL it was more of a salmon pink color.

After a few coats of gray paint, all that's left is for J and I to agree on a shower curtain and I'll post the big bathroom reveal.

For the past week, Ben has been taking swimming lessons and learning to use his "ice cream scooper hands" in the water. (Photos from the Iphone)

Obviously he has the jumping off part down.

Remember how one of my July goals is to actually complete Pinterest projects? Well look at this little beauty I completed a couple of weekends ago.
I had J cut off a section of a 2x4 and I painted it a pretty neutral color I had laying around the house. I wanted to make sure the color didn't distract from the knobs. I bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby for 50%. I think they were 3.99-5.99 before the discount. Don't ever buy anything from Hobby Lobby that's not on sale. It will always come around and be on sale at some point.

J drilled the holes and put the screws in, hammered it in the wall, and I organized the necklaces. I have to say I love it and it is by far the easiest way to hang my necklaces without them getting all tangled.

Sunday night we went up to see J's grandma. It was the first time being at her house since grandpa passed away. We definitely missed having him there. To keep herself company, and not one to turn down anything adorable, Gigi got herself a little kitty.
Meet SweetPea. Although grandma is still unsure whether the cat is a girl or boy.

Ben didn't understand why the cat didn't want to come to him. It couldn't possibly be because he was chasing the poor cat like he was going to skin it and eat it. Or squish it. Or squeeze it to death. 

Well that's about it folks. I'm getting everything ready for someone's big 3-1 birthday on Thursday and then continuing the celebrations into the weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our 4th

The 4th of July was great. I'll go ahead and "dido" the fact that it being in the middle of the week was less than ideal, but at least the week seemed to go by a little faster. Maybe.

The night of the 3rd we were supposed to go to my parents with my sister and her family for BBQ and fireworks but Ben got in a lot of trouble at school that day. Like a 3 year old biting kind of trouble. He had to stay home and miss out on the BBQ as a consequence. J and I discussed back and forth for an hour about whether or not we should let him go over and do fireworks. Ultimately we didn't want him to miss his whole holiday with my parents so he got to go later on in the night. He was super bummed he missed seeing his cousins who had already left by the time we got there:(  I am happy to report no biting incidents at school since then though...knock on wood.

Fireworks at my parents. My parents live in city limits so fireworks at their house means smoke bombs, fountains, snap pops, and sparklers.

The afternoon of the 4th we went up to J's aunts house. 

Remember this picture I posted of Ben a few weeks ago? He was deathly afraid to let go of the wall.

Well look who has decided to not only let go of the wall, but jump, literally, full force into swimming. 
Ben's taking swim lessons this week and next so here's to hoping the floaties might be able to come off by the end of the summer!

J's aunt lives in the country so the fireworks are much much bigger. While we waited for it to get dark the little kids did their fireworks. 

Hope all of you had a wonderful 4th!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July. The month of...


Creating those Pintrest projects if it kills me. A hint...I've already completed 3 things from Pintrest this month and 2/3 have been a success!

Creating time to spend with my girlfriends. It's been far too long.

Creating memories with the little man. Checking more things off our Summer Bucket List.

Creating a special 31st birthday for J. Ben requested there be cake. Lots of cake.

Creating a budget and sticking to it. So far so good.

Creating time to read this devotional.

Source: via Cortney on Pinterest

Creating a house that's clean, organized, and filled with love.

What are you doing this July?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update {June Month of Cleansing} & What's up in July

Remember this post? I explained how I wanted June to really be a month of cleansing. A month of conscious spending, getting things done I've been putting off, and enjoying life.

Well you know what June became the month of? MOVING. and UNPACKING. And craziness.

Here were my June "wants" and how I did:

I want June to become the month of saving. And the month where I don't just print the budget sheet out but actually follow it. Not too bad. I printed out the sheet, actually made a budget and then...moving happened. And with moving comes unexpected costs and the little things add up. I give myself a E for effort.

I want June to become the month where we truly organize our new house. Everything gets a home and a designated place. Everything. Ha. I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. Actually, I probably thought J and I would be able to move everything in one weekend. Nevermind the fact it took us, cough, 2 weeks, cough to move all our stuff. And that's just moving. Not the actual putting away of everything. I did have a fairly successful garage sale though!

I want June to become the month where I cook new recipes and make weekend trips to the farmers market. No farmer's market trips, but lots of fresh fruit and veggies in our house. Peaches, watermelon, cherries, strawberries, delish! Not so many new recipes in June.

I want June to become the month where I loosen up on Ben's bedtime and run around in the sprinklers at dusk. I'm trying. But having to wrestle with a tired, grizzly, three year old bear in the mornings before school is not fun. On the weekends, it's free game. No sprinklers, but definitely the pool. Anything to stay cool.

I want June to become the month where I actually complete those Pintrest projects I've been wanting to do since Christmas. Just wait for July...

I want June to become the month where I give thanks everyday for everything He has given us. I find myself doing this more and more. And this quote seems to pop up in my mind everyday.

I want June to become the month where I actually get shiz done but not by taking time away from my family. Stuff got done all right. Did I mention I'm so glad movings over?

AND...what about July?

I feel like I have already accomplished so much more this past weekend than I did the whole month of June. Stay tuned to find out what's up for July!