Friday, August 10, 2012

{Candy Bar Ice Cream Pie}

J's birthday was last month and after browsing Pinterest for birthday cake ideas, I stumbled across an ice cream cake from Kelli. I tweaked it a little bit, changed the crust, and viola! A delicious and easy ice cream cake.

What You'll Need:
-4 to 5 different varieties of candy. Use whatever you like. I used about 4 of the snack size of each candy.
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-Pre-made Oreo Crust or you can make your own
-Whipped cream (optional)

Unwrap candies and chop into small pieces. I left the pieces somewhat chunky to get bites of it when you ate the pie.

After letting the ice cream sit out for ~10 minutes, scoop into a bowl. I didn't measure exactly but I used about half the container.

Add chopped up candies. And mix together.

Pour candy and ice cream mixture into the Oreo crust. Make sure to leave room to add the lid back on about 1/2 inch. I filled mine too full and some of the ice cream leaked out of the lid. 

Freeze overnight. Cut and serve with whipped cream!

Although J liked this, Ben liked it the most.
2 comments on "{Candy Bar Ice Cream Pie}"
  1. I bet it was so yummy with the Oreo crust! I may have to try it again soon just to try a different crust:)

  2. Thanks for the idea and inspiration Kelli!