Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Husband

Doesn't often get the credit that he deserves.
He can fix anything. And I mean anything. Not that my dad isn't handy, but growing up when something broke (washer, lawn mower, vacuum) someone came out to fix it.
If a room in my parent's house needed painting. Hire a painter!
Moving? That's what moving companies are for!
J grew up very differently. Afterall, the guys in his family pretty much built his parent's house. And it ain't small folks. Not to mention none of them are carpenters or architects by trade.
So what do you get when you put J and I in a house and the garbage disposal quits working or a bathroom needs painting? Two totally different ways of handling the issue.
I had all but the last digit of the painter's number dialed and the plumber's number ready after that.
J had his tools out and flashlight on. He told me to go buy the paint set where everything I'd need to paint comes packaged together.
Um excuse me? I'm going to paint the bathroom?
Well I did. And it turned out just fine. Minus one paint drop on the tile.
Turns out I'm capable of painting after all. And lifting the huge flat screen t.v. onto the wall mount that I'd never thought I'd be able to lift. And a huge list of other things I'd most likely have called someone else to do in the past.
And all those things I can't do? Or won't do because despite my best efforts, I really have no idea how to unclog a garabage disposal, J tackles those.
Some things we will never agree on. Next time we move, there will be movers. Lots of big, strong movers. But for everything else I'm so glad to have J. Not just because he fixes things around the house, but because he's a great provider for our family.
It's not always rainbows and lolliops and non stop I love yous. We don't always like each other or what the other does. But our love goes beyond those bad days.

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  1. oh good, you can help put up the TV in the respite room :)