Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone and I've added another year to the my birthday bank. I had as much fun as one can when their birthday falls on a Monday. I mean, this shouldn't even be possible.

Both my family and J's family took me out to eat the weekend before and after my actual birthday and gifted me with fabulous presents including some new perfume, a scarf and bracelet, a candle, and some cash to do with as I please:) Ben had a Dr.'s apt at 11 so I took him to the Dr. and then he took me out for a birthday lunch.

Best lunch date ever.

That night J fixed a fantastic diner and I opened up my new present.

I couldn't believe he got me a new MacBook Air, but I desperately needed it. My old one was almost 6 years old. It was my first Mac and I bought it because J was a Mac user.

J also got Ben a little present so he wouldn't be too disappointed that it wasn't his birthday. Spoiled much?!

It was a wonderful birthday surrounded by people I love.
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