Sunday, November 18, 2012

Work Retreats

My first work retreat was at my old job. When we heard the word "retreat" we all thought relaxation, group bonding, and maybe a little education.

Well the retreat ended up turning into a half day full of boringness, bitching, and it was anything but retreatful. Yes, it's a word.

A few months ago my new boss at my new job announced we were having a work retreat. Imagine the immediate dread I felt. I should have known better than to doubt however, because everything about this job and the way they treat people is different.

There was dinner, games, a whole lot of laughing, and even a pretty sweet limo.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job and co-workers?
1 comment on "Work Retreats"
  1. Aww, thanks for posting pictures! Really sad I missed it :( I'm so glad you like working with us! It really is great to have a job where you enjoy going to work and feel like your voice is heard and work is appreciated!