Monday, December 30, 2013

THE Christmas Post of 2013

Get ready for it. Everyone in blog land is recapping their Christmas in all it's glory and I'm no exception. 

The night before Christmas Eve we decorated our ginger bread house village. After 2 years in a row of J and Ben bickering over how THE house should be decorated, I planned on getting Ben his very own house to do with as he pleased. When I saw these mini houses I knew it was fate and not just that I waited until the last minute and this was all that was left at the store. And since Jack was already asleep, Ben helped decorate his own little house too.

Christmas Eve day we decorated cookies for Santa at my mom's house and Ben went all out with the frosting.

Every Christmas Eve night we go to J's aunt's house where we celebrate with his grandma, aunts and uncles, and cousins.
Jack got his first taste of jello salad. Of course he loved it, but this kid has yet to eat something he doesn't like.

J's aunt got Jack the most adorable little pair of Sperry's.

My niece Kylee in her sweet Christmas outfit.

Even though we got home late, we couldn't go to bed without setting out the milk, cookies, carrots, and sugar for Santa and his reindeer. 

The boys both slept until 8:00am on Christmas morning, but were ready to see what Santa brought them when they woke up. I searched EVERYWHERE in stores and on-line for matching Christmas pajamas for the boys. To be honest, I probably waited a little late to start looking and finding sizes for both a 6 month old and 4 year old is hard. I finally found some on Zulily and they came in the mail with only 2 days to spare. As long as I possibly can I will always dress my boys in matching pajamas on Christmas morning. I can't stand the cuteness.

Santa and the reindeer were very hungry and ate all our food and in addition to leaving presents, Santa also left Ben a little note. 
Our Elf on the Shelf, Sparkle also left a little note letting us know he had headed back to the North Pole until next Christmas.

After our Christmas at home, we headed over to my parents house for Christmas with them and my sister's family. This picture cracks me up. 

And we rounded out our Christmas with one final get together at J's parent's house with just his parent's and brother and his daughter.

The last couple of days we've been hanging out at home playing with our new toys, trying to get the house put back together, and find a place for all our new gifts.

*Two days after Christmas my mom was admitted to the hospital with what they thought was the stomach flu, but turned into a problem with her heart after she complained of chest pains. After several EKG's, and a visit to the cath lab, no blockage was found, but they did find an abnormality with her heart wall. She'll have follow up visits with the cardiologist, but for now she's doing much better and finally got to go home. So many friends and family called, texted, and checked on us during this time and we are so grateful for such amazing people in our lives.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Frozen: A Must See

Just thought I'd drop in and let you know that if you have some spare time this weekend you HAVE to go see Frozen. My sister and I took the kids to see it last week and it was so fantastic. To be honest I had no idea what it was about going in, but it might just be one of my favorite animated movies of all time. And don't worry if you have little boys, even though it's about two princesses there are boys in it as well and a very funny snowman:)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mr. Clause

The Santa at our mall has been looking a little skinny the past couple of years so this year we decided to take the boys to Bass Pro to see the jolly man. Not only was Santa awesome, but we went on a Sunday afternoon and there was no line. They also had a cute little reindeer craft for the kids to do and of course all the other fun games that are at Bass Pro year round.

I am in love with how the pictures turned out.
The boys with their cousin, Elizabeth. My 14 year old niece didn't feel like being in a picture with Santa this year:)

Merry Christmas Eve. I can't wait for Santa to visit our house tonight!
Monday, December 23, 2013

Jack {6 months}

 Oh Jack. How you are already 1/2 a year old I have no idea. I both love it and hate it at the same time. I love all the new things you are doing and love watching you experience life and all your firsts. But with the good also comes the sad as you change each month from a little bitty baby to a more independent little man.
You'll notice a lot of your pictures this month have one thing in common. You sitting. And trying to grab the camera from my hands. Gone are the days of taking pictures while you lay so still and smile. You are on the go! 
You LOVE to kick your little feet as fast as they will go and smile and laugh.
I have no idea what you weigh but we'll find out in a few days at your well child checkup. What I do know though is that you've definitely packed on a few lbs. You love to eat kid. You still take 6 oz. bottles every 3-4 hours. Sometimes it's right at 3 hours other times you can go almost 5 hours in between feedings.
This past month you tried SO many new foods. Unfortunately we had to do away with the rice cereal as you became really constipated, but who wants to eat that disgusting stuff anyway? Bring on the veggies! Your first food was carrots followed by sweet potatoes and squash and then it was on to the greens. I think you prefer peas more than green beans and you must get that from your daddy considering peas make me gag. You love any and all fruits and this week you tried prunes for the first time. 
You try to feed yourself by pulling the spoon to your mouth and if I have food on the spoon and aren't moving fast enough you'll pull my hand with the spoon. You can also hold your own bottle although I still love to give it to you and get my cuddle time in.
You're in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes are officially too tight. You wear anything from 6m to 6-9m to 9m and even some 6-12m for the length. 
Sleep is still not the greatest. You go to bed between 7:00 and 7:30pm, but are still waking up a couple of times in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's more than a couple and this momma is tired. You also aren't a really consistent napper and don't like to take naps in your crib. I blame this one on MeMaw since she watches you during the day and likes to hold you while you sleep. As sweet as it is, it makes it very difficult for daycare to get you to nap and for us on the weekends. You wake up between 7-7:30am and are usually tired again by 9:30-10:00am. Afternoon nap time is a crap shoot.
You continue to love bath time and graduated from the infant tub to a rubber duck tub that sits in the big bath tub. It's so much better and there is lots more space. You're able to sit up in it and splash around kicking your feet. You also try to grab and catch the water when we pour it.
You're still loving Sophie and all those little rings you can attach to each other. You are less interested in your activity mat this month and I think it's because you want to sit up and know what's going on at all times. You also love the exersaucer, but 10 minutes is about your max in it.
On Thanksgiving day you rolled over from your back to your belly from the first time and haven't looked back since. There's no point in laying you on your back anymore as you always roll over within 5 seconds. For a few nights in a row you kept rolling over on your belly in your crib and then getting pissed and crying. Thankfully you don't do that much anymore and you even slept on your belly one night.
I heard "mammamma" again and luckily MeMaw was there to witness it this time. I'm still not counting it as a first word, but if you do it again it will become official in your baby book and on the blog. 
You are mouthing EVERYTHING and I know those little bottom teeth are going to poke through this month. 
("You. Give me that camera.")

You sit unassisted for a few seconds before toppling over. The biggest hindrance to sitting all by yourself is that you love to lean all the way forward and put your toes in your mouth.
You and your brother still love each other so so much. He makes you laugh so hard. This month it's him singing "What Does the Fox Say?" He sings and does this little dance and you laugh and laugh until you have the hiccups.
Happy 6 months monkey man. I love you bunches!