Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas #1 AND 2

Our first Christmas of the year was the Friday before Christmas at J's maternal grandparent's house. Ben got to hang out with his cousins, open gifts, and celebrate J's uncles birthday.

New clothes!

Coloring on one of his new presents


Christmas #2 was Christmas Eve at J's aunt's house. The rest of J's family gathers at her every Christmas Eve to celebrate and exchange gifts with J's grandma. It was our first Christmas since J's grandpa passed away. We missed him a lot, but I can't imagine what Christmas in Heaven must look like.

Ben is spoiled every year by Gigi and got lots of wonderful presents!

Giving Gigi hugs and a thank you for all the presents...

Including his new 4-wheeler motorcylce

Once Ben saw his cousins 4-wheeler being put together, daddy had to assemble his.

I love this picture. 3 grown men and a 3 year old working on the Jeep.

All ready to go. He was in LOVE with this!

As if the first 2 Christmas' weren't enough, we still had 3 more to go!

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