Wednesday, January 9, 2013

School Party

I will post all about our Christmas. Before July.

A few days before christmas break, Ben's pre-school class had a party. I love all the little school parties, but especially the Christmas one.

The kids are all dressed up in their cute little Christmas clothes, they've made ornamanets with handprints or pictures, and they all sing the sweetest carols.
Ben's best friend at school. It's almost comical sometimes how much they like each other. Love how they're standing. Such a boy pose.
Yummy goodies. Someone couldn't be bothered to chew and swallow before the picture.

Lining up, getting ready to sing their Christmas songs, complete with his homemade jingle bell necklace around his neck.

I was so proud that he stood on his spot in the line and sang during the entire performance.

After the singing, the kids all did a gift exchange. We were asked to each bring a $5 gift that we would give to a friend. Girls traded with girls and boys traded with boys.

Ben was so happy to see that he got a Batman toy complete with cape and all! I was so relieved that he got such an awesome gift since he really wanted the motorcyle gift we had bought to give.

Another school party success!
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