Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resolution Update

Things have been crazy. Busy and crazy, but filled with lots of exciting things. Before I fill you in on what's been going on, let's take a look back at my origingal resolutions for 2013.

My 2013 resolutions:

Be more patient. A work in progress, but I would say I'm getting better.

Finish decorating our house. Hang family pictures. Haven't hung any so far, but I've looked at ETSY and am going to order some art. Next step, order pics to be printed.

Spend more time with my girlfriends. Definitley an A+ for this one. A few dinners out with some great girls and dinner at a friends house. I really hope to keep this up.

Have a date night with J at least once a month. We've gone out once to dinner and a movie and hopefully we will go out to dinner this weekend to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day.

Get new baby's room ready. Not yet, but hopefully within the next month we will start to order the few new things that we will need. I have bought several outfits though:)

Save more, spend less. Pretty good. I tracked all of our spending in January which really allowed me to see where our money was going. I've also been sticking to only eating out twice a month for lunch at work.

Take a trip with J before the baby comes. We don't have anything planned, but I'm trying to convince J to take a trip to Chicago for our anniversary in May.

Take one last trip as a family of 3. Booked this trip this month. We're going to Kansas City for the weekend to explore Legoland, the boys are going Ice Skating, and just spending time as a family.

Reach my billable hours goal at work. Working on it.

Only work late one night a week. I'm so proud to say I've stuck with this one for the most part!

Get caught up on scrapbooking. I bought lots of new materials I needed with a gift card I got for Christmas. Now I just need to print off the rest of the pictures.

Blog more often. As you can tell by the lack of posts this one hasn't been going too well. Things can only go up from here, right?

Read the bible more often. Jesus Calling. I think a group of us girls at work are also going to start a bible study.

Update our household binder. Get together the master organization list. I haven't updated the binder, but I did make a weekly cleaning schedule.

Bring my lunch to work more often than not. Doing great on this one!

Do more. Try new things. We have been busy busy busy. I'll share what all we've been doing!

And as cliche as it may sound, live this year to the fullest. Still going strong.

How are you doing on your resolutions?

Source: via Cortney on Pinterest

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