Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

1. Not that I need to tell any of you, but Target has such cute stuff.

2. Brotherly love.

3. Remember on my last 5 for Friday I talked about wanting to get my hair did. Well here's how it turned out. Not sure how I feel about the middle part. What do you all think?

4. Jack is all smiles these days. Sometimes I will be nursing him and when I look at him and smile he just grins SO big back. Then he gets frazzled because he hasn't quite learned you can't smile and suck at the same time:)

5. This past weekend we went to St. Louis to celebrate my niece's birthdays. We went to the zoo, swam at the pool, and to the City Museum. The kids had so much fun going down this big slide. Too bad when we left the museum we found out our car had been broken into:( Full post to come on that.

Happy Friday Friends!
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