Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday

1. I'm loving these earrings I got from Charlotte Russe. I think they look a lot like some of the Kendra Scott earrings and they were only $5.00!

2. I got to meet my besties new baby girl. Sweet Eliza felt so little compared to Jack even though they are only 2 months apart.

3. Last weekend we were so busy, but had a lot of fun. Ben went to two birthday parties, one at Chuck E. Cheese and the other at our local beach club. Both parties were so much fun and Ben had such a blast.

4. I re-organized our shelf in the laundry room. Exciting stuff I know. But I feel so much better now that everything has it's own place. I labeled all the bins using colored duck tape and a permanent marker. So much easier than printing labels and who doesn't love bright, chevron duck tape?!

5. Ever since my purse was stolen, I've just been carrying my wallet around in the diaper bag. I decided it was time to finally get a purse.  (yes, I could have used one of the several I already own, but that's no fun). This new baby should be here soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. We plan to soak in the last few remaining days of Summer. Check back tomorrow for our End of Summer Bucket List!

Happy Friday!

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