Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up in my first ever Five on Friday over at Natasha and Christina's blogs.

1. I am obsessed with Starbuck's new Valencia Orange Refresher drink. It's perfect for Summer and a grande is only 90 calories! *Karma side note. Monday when I ordered my drink, I also decided to pay for the person behind me in line. Well...Wednesday when I decided I just needed another one, they accidentally made a Tall instead of a Grande and I didn't have to pay for the larger size. #doingsomethingnicepaysoff 

2. I went to a bridal shower and everyone got to take home these little personalized vases with miniature roses. Isn't it adorable!

3. After a busy weekend, this guy couldn't even make it through dinner. Also, check out his sa-weet outfit.

4. I can't believe our sweet little baby is 6 weeks old today! I just love him so much!
Strollin & Chillin// Praising and Praying// Unimpressed with my singing//

5. And last but not least, happy belated blog birthday to my sweet niece who turned 4 this week. Can't wait to celebrate next weekend!

2 comments on "Five on Friday"
  1. I usually get Passion Tea Lemonade, but I'll have to try this! :) Your kids are beautiful!

    1. I'll have to try the passion tea lemonade!