Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Day Our Sh*t Got Stolen

Remember how I told you in this post that our car got broken into in St. Louis? Yeah, fun times. 

Myself, my parents, and my sister and her family went to St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate both my niece's birthdays. I rode with my parents and J was meeting up with us Sunday morning. We had a great day Saturday filled with a trip to the zoo, time at the hotel pool, followed up by dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 

Sunday, we headed over to the City Museum. After parking in a paid parking lot around 11:30 a.m. in downtown St.  Louis, we headed to the museum where the kids watched a circus show, rode the ferris wheel, played on the roof, and went down the 10 story slide. It was a great way to end the weekend. Until we walked out to the car. As I went to put Jack in the car I noticed broken glass on the ground. My first thought was to ask my dad if he knew he parked on a bunch of broken glass. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I noticed the broken window. 

Then I noticed the note on the driver side window. Again, I thought was someone accidentally broke the window, maybe they slammed their door into it, and left a note with their contact info. How naive of me. It turned out to be a letter from the police letting us know a complaint was filed and a number for us to call. Turns our we weren't the only car to get broken into. The car next to us as well as probably 5 other cars had also had their windows broken. 

I immediately started doing inventory of what was missing. My purse. Awesome. Thankfully I had my wallet with me in the diaper bag. The only thing of real importance in my purse was my checkbook which I immediately called and reported as stolen. Then I remembered I had left our nice Cannon DSLR camera in the car. Double Awesome. Most of the pictures from the weekend were gone, but thankfully I had just cleaned out that memory card so I had the rest of the photos. Ben's Ipad was also  in the car, but I had hidden it really well in between the seats so at least they didn't steal that. They did manage to refile through his Toy Story backpack though. Classy.

Although I may have freaked out a little a lot about our camera, there are some things to be grateful for from this whole situation.

I'm grateful
They didn't steal Ben's iPad.
They didn't steal our luggage.
My parent's were still able to drive the car home.
J was there for us to ride home with.
I didn't bring my laptop with me that weekend.
They didn't get my wallet.
I had dumped all the photos off the memory card just before that weekend.
My sister and mom were there to help with the boys and we got everything figured out.
And most importantly, no one was hurt. And as much as it hurts to loose things, they are just things.

Will they ever catch who broke into the car in the middle of broad daylight in an area where lots of people pass through? Probably not. And for someone to break into all those cars in the middle of the day, they must have been pretty desperate. I'm telling myself they stole our stuff for money for food. For their kids. And their grandma. Because that makes me feel better than the real truth which is that they probably sold it for drug money.

Although a lot of the pictures from that weekend are gone. Here are few from my point and shoot camera and my iPhone.  

On the way to STL. So excited!

At the City Museum
The arch peeking through the buildings

On the Ferris Wheel

Both Ben and his cousin got to be part of the circus act.

And even though some of the pictures might be gone, we'll always have the memories.
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    1. You know where you need to move back too...

  2. Oh my gosh. I remember my granny's house being burgled while I was staying with her when I was about 14. Felt so shaken up, and violated. I'm sure y'all did also.