Monday, November 4, 2013

5 on Friday

Obviously this didn't get done on Friday night. Instead of blogging, my friend Alissa and I chatted in our pjs, had a drink or two on the club level of our hotel since we got a nice little room upgrade, and we may or may not have eaten cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The conference was GREAT and one of the best I've been to...but I'm so not ready for Monday tomorrow.

*Edited to add: I gave up finishing this post when Homeland started and finished it this morning. See number 4 below:)

Speaking of my friend Alissa, look what she got me as a thank you for hosting her engagement party. I might have jumped up and down like a 5 year old.

Last weekend was homecoming for the University of Missouri. We took the boys to their first MU basketball game and then went to the homecoming parade Saturday morning. My niece was in the parade, but she went by so fast I wasn't able to snap a picture. Aunt fail.

Jack started rice cereal last week. He seems to like it so far and I can't wait to start him on carrots in a few weeks.

Homeland. No one at my work watches it and J gave up watching it in Season One so I have NO ONE to talk to about it. If you watch it, comment and let me know! I was a little worried that Season 3 wouldn't be as good as the previous 2, but each episode keeps getting better and better. I'm legit sad when the episode is over and I have to wait another week for the next one.

I want to go shopping so bad. I haven't really bought any new clothes since I had Jack and before then I wasn't buying anything that I couldn't wear while pregnant. I got a nice little bonus at work so I'm thinking I need to add some new items to my wardrobe. Until then, I might try to re-create some new looks with what I've already got. Love this idea of taking 9 things and making 9 different outfits!

Happy Friday (on a Monday)!
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