Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

A whopping total of 2 posts last week and 2 posts this week. Awesome. I'll spare the, this week's crazy shiz, and get right down to it. Linking up with these ladies yet again.

All you southerners, get ready to forgive me. I went to a luncheon yesterday for work and there they were... grits. I've seen all you southern girls post your delicious looking grit pictures so I had high hopes that these would be, well, delicious. My friend Staci summed it up best when she said it tasted like baby cereal. I'm hoping it was the fact that these "cheese" grits were in fact lacking the cheese.

I love this, "Who said you could hold me?" look.

Tuesday night I made dinner for friends of ours who just had twins. They are so tiny and precious. It's amazing how much of a difference 4 months makes.
With 3 babies, all of whom can't sit by themselves, this is the best pic you're gonna get. At least none of them fell of the couch. 

Two totally opposite, yet very truthful words of wisdom.

It's insane how much I love this outfit...and how absolutely ridiculous I would look wearing it. But dang, that girl is rockin every piece of that outfit.

Happy Friday Friends! Hope you're weekend is pure perfection!
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