Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How far I've come...I think.

Have y'all ever gone back and re-read old posts. I mean really old posts. Don't do it. While looking back through some of my old posts the following thoughts popped in my head at least once, some over and over again
please tell me I didn't
long winded much?
there's that same title again
why were my pictures so small
did I really use the word blessed again
look how great I looked
I look like an ugly troll
man my kids are cute
lay off the about me letter games

My favorite blog titles include
I'm going to P-O-P (no, I wasn't pregnant in this one-not even close)
not to be confused with

It doesn't get much better than these. Or it may, but I was too embarrassed with myself to keep looking.

Please, please tell me I'm not alone. Any early blogging posts/titles you're embarrassed to admit you hit publish on?

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