Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

I've decided that every week I am writing "clean house" on my To Do list. Not because I need to remember to do it-the food crumbs do a good enough job of that-but because I'm sick and need the satisfaction that comes from marking through another item.

Besides cleaning the house and doing laundry, this weekend was full of
lego playing in bed

baby cuddles during nap time

a rare mommy and Jack picture

birthday presents for a special 3 year old.

You know what this weekend wasn't full off?
Me cooking. Except for breakfast Sunday morning. 

And although this was last weekend, we watched The Heat and y'all have got to see it!
I laughed a lot. Like full blown, out loud, tears running down my face laughter. 

What was your weekend full of?
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