Thursday, December 12, 2013

1st Annual Cookie Exchange of 2013

Sunday afternoon my friend Alissa hosted a cookie exchange complete with lots of cookies, obviously, and since kids were invited she also had lots of things for them to do including making candy reindeer, decorating their own cookies, and Santa coloring books. She is seriously so thoughtful. Ben woke up Sunday morning asking if it was time to go to Alissa's. He could barely make it to 2:00.

We also woke up to our first snow of the season. We got maybe an inch or so which I think is the perfect amount. Just enough so everything is white, but not enough that you can't drive anywhere or have to shovel the driveway.

I took the easy route by making Funfetti cookies. Since we were supposed to be getting back from Branson that afternoon I hadn't had anything planned and was just going to swing by the bakery. Shhh.

I made and rolled all the cookies for the party, but Ben did help mix the ingredients. I don't like to make other people eat something my kid's hands have been all over:) And in order to avoid being the crazy, anal mom, I let Ben decorate his own cookies for home. Of course Jack needed to supervise.
  *Once again, I know Bumbo's aren't supposed to go on high surfaces, but I was there by him the entire time. Thanks for not lecturing.

The cookie spread at Alissa's. Ben for sure at 6 cookies and quite possibly 7.

It is so fun having friends with kids and they all get along so well together. We'll see how long that lasts as they get older.

Jack loved my friend Amber. I think it had less to do with her and more that her belly was the perfect binky holder.

Jack and Delaney seriously put this puzzle together all by themselves without a peep. And if you know Ben, he is very particular about how things go. The fact that he didn't try to boss her around was shocking. They were just so sweet together.

And what's a Christmas party without a picture of all the kids in front of the tree. 
Not too bad for the first try. 
I love the progression of these next pics though.

One down.

Then another.

Almost everyone back together.

My boys:)

Then Grace decided she wanted back in on the action.

Followed by Grace and Ben's exit, but enter Delaney who decided she wanted to be in on this one.

Great cookies and great friends. I'm definitely counting on this being an annual thing!
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