Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Swap Link-Up

When Kasey announced on her blog that she would be hosting a Christmas blog swap I immediately knew I wanted in. 

I was a lot little hesitant since I'd only done one other swap and it was a complete and total failure. It was a favorite fall things swap and I packed my box full of all my favorite fall items and shipped them off to my blog partner. Well the blogger didn't end up getting my gift-even though the tracking receipt said it been delivered BECAUSE she said she sent me her wrong address, WTF. I also never received my box. When I emailed her about it she said she didn't know what happened and somehow couldn't find the tracking number either. I've been this close to calling this blogger out, but I've decided to take the higher road:) 

So when Kasey emailed me to say that Jamie from The News from LaFuze was my partner, and that she was a personal friend of hers, I had a feeling this swap would be going much better. And boy was I right.

If you've read any of my recent posts you know that I have been obsessed with gold and polka dots, but combine the two and I'm in love. Which is exactly what Jamie did when she mailed me this ADORABLE scarf. To Jamie's credit, she did have it wrapped in cute paper, but I was a little too excited and tore into it before taking a picture:)

I've worn it twice and I'm pretty sure several of the girls in my office want one for themselves.

Thanks again Jamie for the awesome scarf and for restoring my faith in blog swaps:)

2 comments on "Christmas Swap Link-Up"
  1. LOVE that scarf! I recently bought it for a friend of mine, and I was SO close to buying one for myself. Cortney, I'm so glad that was a more positive swap experience for you! Jamie is so wonderful and I knew she would be a great partner!

    1. Thanks for organizing this! I think you definitely need to do another one:)