Thursday, December 5, 2013

Seasons of our Lives

Sounds almost like a soap opera doesn't it?

Jennifer over at Life in the Green House wrote a fabulous post yesterday after being busy during this time of year. I connected with this post so much.

You would be hard pressed to find a lot of people who aren't busy during this time of the year, us included. Every weekend on the calendar from now until Christmas has something on it. Dinners, cookie making, visits with friends, and Santa. All things that make this season so special.

Like Jennifer I'm choosing to embrace the busyness. Ben will only want to sit on Santa's lap for so many years and cookie baking with his mom and cousins won't be cool forever. But in this season of our lives, we will plan to do it all. 

This Summer we didn't get to go to the pool every weekend. Ben missed swim lessons that we had signed him up for because pre-baby me thought I would still be able to take him with a 2 week old. We watched lots of movies instead of playing outdoors. We missed out on certain activities, but that season of our life is over. Next Summer will be filled with pool dates, slip n slides, those damn swim lessons, and a one year old splashing in the kiddy pool. A new season sure to bring with it lots of fun.

Lots of seasons have passed in our lives. A newborn waking up every one to two hours, a 4 year old needing me to lay with him until he falls asleep, the excitement of moving into our first house, the death of people we love. With each season comes many struggles, wishes for it to be easier, and "if I could do overs." But each season also brings with it memories to last a lifetime. 

Instead of wishing for these times to pass, let's choose to be present. Make memories while you can. Fill up the calendar with things that matter. Don't wish away the seasons. Embrace the busyness.

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