Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday

Wondering where I've been this week? Let's take a look at number one shall we?

The stomach flu hit our house hard on Sunday night. Thankfully the boys didn't catch it, but J and I were a pretty sad sight, me worse than him. Being nauseous is absolutely horrible. I don't know how patients going through chemo do it or you ladies who feel that way throughout your entire pregnancy. There is no way I could do that. We were lucky that our parents took the boys not only so they wouldn't get it, but mostly because I was in no condition to be able to care for another human being. Here's to never having that again.

Last week I placed the ingredients for my trusty chicken tacos in the crockpot and was beyond excited to have a delicious meal and to not have to worry about making dinner. Then I got this text from J.
Ugh. When I got home it was way worse than I imagined. That crockpot soaked for days.

Jack decided he's ready to start crawling. I swear he's 6 months going on 6 years. I don't remember time going this fast with Ben. I'm glad it's just backwards for now, but man can he get around.

I had this grilled chicken taco salad last weekend at lunch with my MIL at a local brewery and I need to re-create it at home asap. I've been having a thing with salads lately. The best part? The ranch salsa. Does anybody know why restaurant ranch is always SO much better than store bought? How do they do it or where do they buy it. If you know, spill the beans.

I'm taking advantage of this 3 day weekend to do some major organization around this house. Hopefully I'll have lots of progress to report back on. If you don't read about it, just assume the kids were being banshees.

Happy Friday Friends!
2 comments on "5 on Friday"
  1. Happy Friday to you! I am so sorry to hear you had the stomach flu but I am so thankful for your Littles didn't catch it! And I'm glad you're feeling better! And the sight of your crockpot makes me cringe at the thought of washing! You're right, it WOULD have HAD to soak for days. :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend so far!

    1. I finally made something in the crockpot again last night and it seriously gave me a little bit of anxiety that it would be the chicken fiasco all over again:)