Friday, February 14, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Happy Valentine's Day! This 5 on Friday is all about L-O-V-E.

The fabulous hosts of this link up requested everyone to dedicate their first pic on this weeks 5 on Friday to Teddy using the #Team Teddy. Teddy is an ADORABLE 7 month old little boy who was diagnosed Menke's Syndrome also known as "kinky hair syndrome." It's a rare and fatal genetic disease that affects one in 450,000 children in the US. To learn more about it click here. As a mom with a 7 month old myself, you can imagine this hit pretty close to home and I can't imagine what this family must be going through. So today, Jack's giving a big ole shout out to Teddy.

I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about Valentine's Day, but I love it! The love, hearts, and ridiculous priced flowers, I love it all! Yes, you should tell people you love them everyday, but sometimes it's nice to just take a day and really focus on it.

If you need a last minute Valentine craft, don't forget to check out these cards I made with the boys.

Ben had his Valentine party at school yesterday. Jack also had his party...well as much of a party as you can have with a room full of infants. There were games, ice cream sundaes, and then the kids got to put their Valentine's in all their friend's boxes.  

And whether you choose to celebrate this day or not, we wish you LOTS of love this Valentine's Day!
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  1. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your sweet little boys - such cuties!

    1. Thank you:)....and thanks for stopping by.