Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY: LOVE Valentine using hand and foot prints

During our snow days last week, the boys and I made some Valentines for some very special people in our lives. After browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I knew I wanted to do something using the boys hands and feet, but nothing that was overly complicated. So, I introduce to you these adorable cards.
I used red paint for the "L" and "E" and let those dry completely before moving on the boys' part.

Ben went first with the hand print. I did his hand vs. his foot because 1. he's got big feet and 2. have you tried to get a baby to open their palm flat for a handprint. I don't want to relieve the horror that was the handprint for the baby book.
He may have given his hand a big whiff to see what it smelled like.

Next up was the baby. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to put him in his high chair and do one foot at a time. We made about 8 valentines, so I did his right foot 8 times, cleaned it off, then did the left one. By the end Jack was done and I was sweating, but no paint ended up on either of us or the furniture and in most of the cards his feet don't look like a baby alien's so I'll it a success!

And because I'm not crazy enough to put paint on his foot and take a picture at the same time, this is what Jack did while I used his little feet like a stamp.
All fun and games the first 8 times, but for the next 8 we needed binky backup.

Once everyone was hosed off, I wrote the kids name and age on their respective print and folded the paper in half creating a card. I kept one that I didn't fold that I plan to frame and display each Valentine's Day, updating it each year as they grow.

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