Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Fire Needed Smores

A Smore is one of those perfect little treats. But there's nothing more disappointing then getting your graham cracker and chocolate all ready to stack only to find your marshmallow has burst into flames and turned that horrible charcoal black color. 

If that's happened to you one too many times or if you are craving a Smore in the dead of Winter, this recipe is for you!

What you'll need:
-graham crackers
-milk chocolate chips
-Marshmallow fluff

Begin by breaking the graham crackers into single rectangles. You can do as many as you can eat, just make sure you have an even number.

Next, spread a layer of marshmallow fluff on half of the rectangles.

Place the other half of the rectangles on top of the ones with the fluff.

Using a microwave, melt chocolate chips in a bowl until smooth. (I've found that melting chocolate in the microwave keeps it melty and soft vs. on the stove where it tends to harden quickly) I used 1/4 of a bag of chocolate chips and made 11 Smores and had lots of chocolate left. 

Dip the top of the graham cracker fluff sandwich into the chocolate and shake of the excess. 

Place the Smores on a cookie rack or cooling rack. If you don't have one of those, a plate will work fine too:) Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. 
These are best if you eat them within a few minutes of taking them out of the fridge. I don't recommend eating these the next day as the graham cracker starts to become soggy. 

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