Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still Hot at 40 {A birthday party}

Saturday we celebrated my sister's 40th birthday with a surprise party at a local Mexican restaurant. Keeping with the Mexican theme, I chose to role with the "Still hot at 40" thang.

My sister and I are almost a decade apart, so growing up I always looked up to her and all the fun grown-up things she got to do like go on dates and wear make-up. 

There wasn't too much prep since the party was at a restaurant, but I did want to do a few decorations. Luckily we frequent this restaurant often and the wait staff may know us by name so I knew they'd be down with us doing some decorating and taking up some tables for an hour 3 hours. I made the easiest little party favors (tutorial to come), mod-podged some pictures on the number 40, and ordered a cake with my beautiful, then 13 year old, sis' pic on it.

Once the margaritas started flowing I sucked at taking pictures, but my sister seemed surprised and had a good time. I'm really mad I didn't grab any photos of the waiters singing happy birthday then slamming whipped cream in her face. Luckily I think J got some video. What a good husband and brother-in-law. 

My friend Alissa and her fiancé stopped by to celebrate and of course have some margs.

And the only pic I have of me and the birthday girl. After 4 margaritas deep. I think I told J at least 10 times the next day that I am WAY to old for this ish. Taking care of kids the day after multiple margaritas is no bueno. Only for my sister.
4 comments on "Still Hot at 40 {A birthday party}"
  1. The decorations are too cute! I love the number collage and the hot sauce! Too funny!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully she doesn't retaliate too bad on my birthday:)

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  3. Where did you get the hot sauce bottles? Or did you make yourself? Throwing a very similar party soon and LOVE the "still hot at 40" hot sauce!