Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekend Recap {Spring Cleaning}

Remember how I had grand plans to spring clean our entire house? Yeah. Maybe I was a little too ambitious. 

I did get some cleaning and organization completed, but definitely not everything. I think from now on I'll set smaller goals. Have you ever tried to clean and organize with two kids around? I'm totally blaming it on the kids.

So what did I get done?

I deep cleaned our entire kitchen and went through all the drawers, cabinets, nooks and crannies making sure everything had a place. I also got rid of things I'd been holding onto but not using.

And for the sake of keeping it real, here is the before picture of the cabinets under our kitchen island. I use this space to store all my entraining platters, plates, trays, etc.



Ahhhh. Just looking at this makes me happy.

I also cleaned and purged our closet, making sure to organize our dresser drawers and again get rid of those items that have been hanging around doing nothing. No picture, sorry.

Sunday was filled with church, taxes, and dealing with a very frustrating daycare issue which I'll fill you in on once everything is settled-which better be soon.

Good news is today is Wednesday, which is almost Thursday, which is practically Friday! Hope you have a great hump day.

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