Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Little Things: Car wash edition

I posted this picture earlier this week, but wanted to show you the rest in the sequence because they're that awesome.

Car washes are hilarious.
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY {Birthday Bunting Banner}

Am I using the word bunting and banner correctly? If not, just pretend I am. Anywhooo, for J's birthday cake a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to make one of these cute little banners so I got all my supplies ready, crafted it out, and well...he didn't really seem to notice. wtf.

BUT, if you happen to have someone in your life who may be a little more observant, then this craft is for you. It is a little time consuming so make sure to save this for someone who will really appreciate it.

What You'll Need:
-thick scrapbook paper
-wooden dowel
-twine or ribbon

*PS: Use wooden dowels and not lollipop sticks. I happened to have these on hand, but they weren't quite long enough causing the banner to touch the actual cake. 
*PPS: Yes, I'm using hair scissors. We loose regular scissors around here like crazy. I should probably find those before one of the boys loses an eyeball.

1. Begin by folding your paper in half and then cutting on the fold line. Then take one of the halves and fold it again.
2. Cut out a triangle with the base of the triangle at the fold of the paper.
3. Use the original triangle to cut out the remaining triangles. Cut one triangle for each letter. I used two different colors of paper.
4. Line the triangles up (if using different colors)
5. Decide what letters/style you want your wording to be. I looked up different styles online to go off of.
6. Practice, practice, practice. You don't want to have to cut a bajillion more triangles because you messed up the writing.
7. Write your fancy, practiced letters on the triangles.
8. Glue the triangles onto your twine or ribbon.

9. This was the hardest part for me in terms of getting the spacing just right. Tie the twine to the dowels and space accordingly. I tied them lightly and kept playing with it until I liked how it looked. 

Stick your creation in your cake and hope and that someone notices:)
*PPPS: A cake stand is on my project list.
Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Weekend's are awesome. This weekend one of my oldest and bestest friends Meghan was in town. We got our kids together after way too long of being apart. Watching them all play together was one of those surreal moments. There's something pretty awesome about growing up with someone and then watching your kids grow up together. Thankfully Meghan's parent's live in town so between the 2 of us, we try to convince her quite often to move back. Meghan's husband also happens to be one of Ben's favorite people. 
J's parents came over Friday night for dinner where I made these cookies that I pinned from Lisa. I may have skipped the homemade cookie part, but the look was just what I was going for.

After dinner J and Jack cuddled while listening to this bear sing "Night is coming..." 20 times. Literally 20. Maybe 21. Jack loves the darn thing and J's grandma gave it to him so how can you say no to Jack's, "mo, mo?"

Saturday morning I installed the boys' new car seats while they played outside. By the time I was done you would have thought I had been to the gym. I'm pretty sure it was already 90 degrees and 100% humidity at 8:00am.

Jack is really into copying anything his brother does. Cute when playing cars, not so cute trying to leap off the couch.

New seats!!! He really does like it more than it appears.

New car seat? Hmph. Waiting for them to finish our car at the car wash. HORRRAAYYY!

A little Orange Leaf. If you have an Orange Leaf near you, did they get rid of the red velvet? They replaced ours with hazelnut. Say what?

Sunday was spent doing laundry and sliding down this Little Tykes slide. I got it off a mom exchange site on Facebook for $5 and it was $5 well spent.

We also decided to have an early lunch on the patio at our favorite pub before it got unbearably hot.

And when we started to sweat we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I can't believe this is the last Friday of July. I feel like summer has flown by faster than ever. Ben starts kindergarten in 4 weeks and I feeling the need to cram everything into the time we have left. 

I'm linking up again with Karli and Amy, and this Friday I'm posting my top 5 favorite recipes that I've made throughout the years. I know I tend to get in a rut when it comes to cooking and meal planning, especially in the summer, so hopefully you get an idea or two of something you can whip up. And don't worry, all of the recipes are totally doable and don't require a crazy amount of time or ingredients. 

If you like Chipotle's rice, then this copycat is for you.

You can't go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe. These onion straws are crispy, light, and easy to make.

One of my best friend's grandma makes THE best chicken salad sandwiches. Like so good I didn't eat chicken salad until I ate Granny Betty's.

If you're not reading Iowa Girl Eats you're missing out. Thai Peanut Noodles sounds like it should be way more complicated to make than it actually is. Never in a million years did I think I could make Thai food.

Candy, ice cream, and an Oreo crust make this Candy Bar Ice Cream Pie so delicious. It's also totally customizable to whatever candy you like.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm suddenly feeling inspired to try out some new recipes!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Bucket List {Adult Edition}

I posted the kid edition of our Summer Bucket List here so I figure I better post the adult edition before summer's over. 

Here's what I hope to accomplish before fall rolls around.

What's left on your list that you still hope to get done?
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Save the Cake! {Turning a one layer cake into two}

Yesterday I told you I baked a cake for J's birthday last week. See how beautiful it is.

If you'll recall, this was the same cake just 10 minutes earlier.
Whoops. My bad. Since Google wasn't helpful in telling me what to do with this little disaster, I thought I'd post my own tutorial in case you find yourself in the same predicament. This will also be the fastest and easiest tutorial you'll ever read/do.

What You'll Need:
-plenty of frosting
-candle or bunting (optional, but people will be so distracted by these things, less attention will be on the cake)

Begin by taking a deep breath and get over the fact that you just f'd up your cake. Then place the broken layer on the bottom of your cake plate.

Place a thin layer of frosting over what's left of the cake, then place the in-tact layer on top of the broken one. 

Take your toothpicks and break them in half. Use the toothpicks to prop up where the missing cake is creating the illusion of height and an actual layer.

Slather the whole thing in plenty of frosting, add a banner or candle or both, and keep your mouth closed.
From the outside or inside, no one can tell that a chunk of the cake is missing...until you cut into that part. I recommend you save that area for yourself:) Or fess up and have a good laugh. As the saying goes, "Let them eat cake!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

Mark another great weekend down in the books! This weekend sort of turned into J's 3 day birthday weekend extravaganza, but good thing I love birthdays-especially other peoples!

These happened Friday afternoon. One benefit to seeing a particular client of mine is that they are in the path of Chick-Fil-A. Once you eat these, you'll never go back to McD's chicken nuggets.

Friday night Ben and I got to work on J's birthday cake. Ben did the mixing, despite his desperate plea to crack the eggs into the bowl. I just didn't feel the need for a little extra crunch in this particular cake.

And while Ben did a great job with his part, I majorly sucked at mine. Yeah. I immediately did what any good blogger does. Stand there in shock for about 30 seconds, then grabbed my phone.

 Once I got over the shock and took the shot, I proceeded to Google, "How to make a two-layer cake with one layer." Surprisingly that didn't really yield any results. Have no fear though! I managed to salvage it and J was none the wiser. I still haven't told him about the other half of the layer I tossed in the trash. Don't worry I'll share my secret on how I saved the cake later this week.
I also crafted this little DIY birthday bunting which I'll also post the tutorial for in another post.

As if baking a cake and a DIY weren't enough wild fun for a Friday night we also made slime. I like to think I'm a totally awesome mom, but I can guarantee that Ben might not agree.

Saturday morning J opened presents and was pretty excited to get this little baby and not a real baby.

After lunch where Jack ate himself silly with blackberries, I dropped the kids of at my parent's house so J and I could go on a little birthday date night.

Of course I was ready before the birthday boy so this is how I chose to spend my time before we left for dinner at our favorite steak house. Btw, if you all aren't reading Lisa Loves John you're seriously missing out. I may have read her entire blog beginning to end pinning my way through almost all of her recipes and DIY projects. Good thing I'm not easily embarrassed.

I wore my favorite simple black dress from Target that I bought right before our beach vacation and a new necklace I was gifted from Francesca's. I also gave myself a little bang trim in case you care.

Sunday morning we picked up the kids, ate lunch with J's parents (birthday divo rears his head again), and finished the night up with some laundry and sleep training for Jack. Nothing like waiting until 1 yr to get your kid to sleep through the night! I'll report back after a few nights with what we're doing and how it's going.

*And in case you're wondering what kind of vain wife I am and why I have no pics of my husband during this almost week long celebration, he requested that I not post any pics. Maybe it has something to do with the previous post or the fact that he just likes his privacy. Does he know who he married?

Although I'm a day late, I'm linking up again with Biana for Weekending!