Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Linking up with Karli and Amy for the first Oh Hey Friday in August. How is it possible it's August already? Let's get to it!

I burnt the heck out of my arm on a cookie sheet so that was fun. And I wasn't even baking cookies, just stupid garlic bread. It happened last Friday night and has just now scabbed over. I know the word scab is gross. I'm sorry.

One of the things I love about Summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables. We got some sweet corn straight from a farm and it was delicious. And by straight from the farm I mean literally the lady picked it and gave it to me. I know Karli and Amy are probably laughing as they have 24 hour access to a farm, but not living on one-I think this kind of thing is awesome. The boys happened to agree.

I tried out a Pinterest idea. Bonus, I already owned everything in my closet. 

Ben's going through an "I want" stage. We've started giving him money for doing tasks above and beyond his normal household jobs. He offered to fold the towels and I had to stifle my urge to complain about putting clean towels on the floor in order to fold them. He was so darn proud. And then he asked for a $20. Who does he think we are?


Happy Friday!
4 comments on "Oh Hey Friday!"
  1. That burn looks rough- nothing hurts worse than a burn :(
    I love the kids eating corn on the cob- cutest pictures ever
    Great Quote! Definitely something to ponder on!

    1. Thank you! Who knew corn could make kids even cuter:)

  2. Ha. Your corn comment did make me laugh, because yes, it is true - fresh fruit and veggies all around here. If we don't grow it, our neighbors do. :) It's pretty awesome... and so fun for you to have access to some too!!! Nothing beats fresh corn on the cob!!
    Have a great weekend... keep Ben busy folding more towels!! :)

  3. Totally jealous of all your fresh produce-thankfully we have the Farmers Market and people with farms who feel sorry for us non-farm folk. Is it weird I think farm life is awesome?