Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes it's too much

Sometimes all the bad things in the world are overwhelming. Sometimes the stories are so sad and heartbreaking that it makes posting about upcoming fall trends seem silly. 

I live in MO, about an 1 1/2 hours from Ferguson. My company's St. Louis office is 10 miles from where the shooting took place. I haven't talked about what happened and I don't really plan on it other than to say the entire thing is horrible. Several lives were forever changed that day with ultimately the life of a young person being lost. I pray that both Mike Brown's family and the officer and his family can find peace with whatever the outcome may be.

But it's not just Mike Brown that saddens me. It's the journalist being beheaded, the young husband and father killed in a plane crash, the 9 year old girl who accidently shot her gun instructor, and the bickering over a well-intentioned ice bucket challenge. 

I like to try to stay current with what's going on in the world. J and I watch the news everyday, but some days it's too much. Sometimes we look at each other and it's our cue to turn the channel. Sometimes the bad we see, seems to outweigh the good that I choose to believe exists. 

Maybe we all need to watch more videos like this. 

And look at pictures of true love.

And remember He is always there.

I promise to be back tomorrow with more light hearted things. Until then, I'm going to watch videos of cats and babies on Youtube:)
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