Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Mother of all Goodwills

One of the pros and cons of my job is the traveling. I drive all over the state to see clients because let's face it, autism still exists in towns with populations of 70. The pro of all that driving is that I get to see places I probably never would have otherwise and some of those towns are pretty darn interesting. The con? After a while it can get reeeaaalll boring. I can only listen to the same songs so many times. 

The other day I was on a military base seeing clients and had some time to pass in between appointments. I noticed A LOT of people going in the Goodwill. And I mean A LOT. I've never seen a Goodwill hoppin that like that. I decided to meander in and see what all the commotion was and as soon as I stepped foot inside I realized why this place was so popular. Not only was it the cleanest, nicest, good looking Goodwill I've ever seen, but 50% of the items were BRAND NEW. Like Target brand new. With tags and everything. Jackpot!

I was able to score all of this for $31.00 and the majority of it is new with tags.

My favorite find were these BRAND NEW Target wedges with tags for $3.99 I'm still in shock.

Do you thrift? What are some of the best things have you scored for super cheap?
2 comments on "The Mother of all Goodwills"
  1. Great Haul
    I'm a total Goodwill Junkie
    I visited Goodwill on vacation and my family thought I was insane!!!

    1. You should never knock Goodwill until you try it:)