Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty typical one. We went grocery shopping, caught up on laundry, went to church, and the boys got out every single toy we own. Jack also pooped 4 times in the span of half an hour on Sunday morning. So that was fun.

Sunday turned out to be less productive than I had hoped since we had to stay out the house most of the day while J fixed our kitchen sink that had been leaking. As impossible as it is to clean the house with kids around, imagine trying to get a project done that requires actual tools. 

I did manage to take a few pictures and I'll throw some in from Thursday as well. 

Dinner at our friend's house. Jack played with their adorable twins while Ben helped in the kitchen. Nick's family is Cuban so he cooked us a traditional Cuban meal and Ben help make the fried plantains.

Another shirt and shoes from my Goodwill haul last week.

Since our kitchen was unusable, the kids and I went to our favorite sushi place while daddy was hard at work. So thankful these two will eat or try just about anything. They stuck to the salad and fried rice so no need to worry I was feeding them raw fish.

What did you do this weekend? Ben and I are headed to St. Louis tonight for his first Cardinals game. 

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