Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, Friday!

Whose ready for the weekend?!? My friend Alissa is getting married TOMORROW! The past couple of days have been all things wedding. Ben and I are in the wedding and I can't wait to see him all fancied up in his little tux.

Let's get to it...

As usual, Target has been killing it lately with their $1 spot items. HOW CUTE ARE ALL THESE?!! Yes, caps lock is necessary.

This little thief has learned to open the snack pantry and just help himself to whatever he wants. At least he went for the Wheat Thins, right?

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but J owns his own company and they sponsored Ben's T-ball team for fall ball. Ben has loved being on "daddy's team."

I made my first pot of chili last week. Soups just scream fall to me. I've also got this recipe on the menu for the upcoming week.

Next Wednesday is my birthday (holla!) and the only thing I truly want is a pair of house slippers. And no, I'm not turning 80. These are a few I have my eyes on.

Happy Friday!!!

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8 comments on "Friday, Friday!"
  1. UH OH! Lil snack monster!!! So cute!

    Chili, YUM!

  2. Oh, you will definitely be able to spot me at Target this weekend scouring the dollar spot now!!!! :)

    1. Sometimes our dollar spot isn't the greatest, but they've had amazing stuff lately!

  3. Love the slippers! I can't wait to make us some chili! It's almost time!

  4. That chili picture made me really hungry. Aww. That is so cute about Daddy's team!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it the worst to read about food when you're hungry:)