Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Goals + Resolutions

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it actually feels like September outside. The high is right at 70 degrees with the low getting down to 50! Considering we're usually sweating well into October, I'm loving the cooler temperatures.

I'm a little burnt out on the season by season bucket lists. Anyone else feeling me? I made a Summer bucket list, but didn't really stick to it even though we did so many things this Summer. Instead of a list, I thought I'd go back to posting monthly goals and I also wanted to do a little update on my 2014 Decisions.

First up, let's check in on the resolutions I made back in January.

1/ Family Time
Be more present with the boys, especially Ben. J and I are going to devote special one on one time with each boy each week. It can be an outing or just doing something special at home. I also want to spend more time with J outside of the house. I'm not committing us to a date night every month, but something where we can get away from the monotony of everyday life.
This ones going pretty well. I've gotten to spend lots of one on one time with Ben this Summer (Six flags, ball game, etc) while J and Jack held down the fort at home. J and I were just talking about how much Ben craves his attention so he plans to step up his alone time with him. As far as J and I, we've had several "dates" at home where we've ordered a pizza and watched movies after the boys have gone to bed.

2/ Less negativity 
This not only includes things I say and do, but people I surround myself with. 
I think this one's always a work in progress, but it's not going too bad. One thing I've definitely gotten better at is not feeding into people's pity parties. You know those people who constantly complain-like they are the only one with a stressful, busy life? Yeah. I don't have time for that. Put on your big girl panties and get on with it.

3/ Healthy Living
Getting back into a gym routine and working out at least 3 days a week. I'd like to run another 1/2 marathon and am planning on the Go! 1/2 marathon in St. Louis on April 6th. I also want to do another color run and a few other local races in town. This also includes continuing to take my lunch to work more than I eat out. I also want to cut soda down to once a month. I don't drink a ton of it so it shouldn't be that hard to do.
Well obviously I didn't do the half marathon, but I have done a few 5k's. I pretty consistently take my lunch, but find it's the hardest on days that I'm traveling to clients all day. I probably drink a soda 5 times a month. I know it's not a lot compared to some people, but it really is a complete waste of calories. Why are Dr. Peppers so darn good?

4/ Organization
The home management binder is organized and up to date so now it's time to tackle things room by room. Finding a place for everything and purging or donating everything we no longer use or need. Simplicity  is key. This also includes keeping my purse and the diaper bag clean and organized.
I have to say this one is going fantastically! If we're no longer using or wearing it, it's getting sold or donated. I've managed to sell some of our stuff on Facebook groups and have taken several large trash bags full of items to be donated. We're moving to our forever house in June and I refuse to pack and un-pack things we don't love or need.

5/ Professional Growth
Continue to try to balance work life and home life. By the end of last year I did pretty good at limiting myself to no more than 1 night a week where I worked late and if there are weeks where I don't work late at all, even better! I also want to grow more as a professional, read more articles and books, and put into practice things I've learned at conferences and trainings. 
As far as the scheduling goes, I feel I've got it pretty worked out. No more driving home from a client at 10:00 at night! There's always room to learn and read more and the key for me is finding the balance between keeping up with current work duties and managing to do professional development at the same time.

6/ Personal Growth
Read more books, both educational and fun. Begin a daily devotional; Jesus Calling has been on my  list forever. Spend more time in prayer. Travel more, even if it's just to never visited places in our state. Master new recipes in the kitchen (more on this to come) and become more creative in my everyday fashion. I also need to cut down on the cussing-just keeping it honest. And a big one, get better with time management. Before having Jack, I was almost always early. Now I'm almost always late and that needs to stop. I also want to do more little unexpected things for other people whether I know them or not.
A work in progress, and the goal I probably need to focus on the most. I started a devotional with some other ladies online, but it just kind of fizzled out and I didn't get much out of it. Since Ben started Kindergarten, time management in the morning has been a lot better, mostly due to the fact that he has to be at school by a certain time.

7/ Finances
I've managed to track our money and use a budget for all of 2013. I'm going to keep that going in 2014 with an even greater emphasis on saving. We want to begin building our forever house in the next 3 years so my goal is to put as much away for that as possible. J and I are also really lucky that we don't have tons of debt so I'd like to make a huge dent in my student loans from my Master's degree.
Still sticking to the budget and last month we managed to cut down on our eating out/take out by almost $300. J also bought a new car last month and although it adds a car payment since his other car was paid off, his car had almost 200,000 miles on it. We are loving the new caddy and as much as I would love a new car too, since I drive a ton for work it's just practical or smart money wise.

8/ The Blog
2014 will be the year of a new blog design. I also want to comment more on the posts I read and let people know how much I enjoy reading what they have to say.
The new blog design has been done for awhile and I'm still loving it! I've also tried to be better at commenting on the posts I read. I've found several new blogs that I absolutely love and have had some great conversations with a few bloggers.

9/ Fun fluff
All the not too important stuff, but if I want to get it done, I better be listing it. Paint my nails once a week and remove polish right away when it's chipped. I also need to get better about washing my face and taking my makeup off before bed at night. Beat level 300 on Candy Crush-sorry had to put that in there:) Try new restaurants and dishes instead of playing it safe. 
The really important stuff folks:) I just checked and you'll be happy to know I'm on level 347 on Candy Crush, and my nails are painted.

So while these are constant goals throughout the year, here are my goals specifically for September:

Here's to a great month!

4 comments on "September Goals + Resolutions"
  1. I do better with monthly goal than I do with seasonal goals. Cutting and Coloring is on my list this month too. My hair is in dire need!

    1. I think the monthly goals will definitely help me be more accountable. It's hard to spend so much money getting my hair done, but it always feels and looks so much better after.

  2. How is it September already? Man, the summer flew by! I am your newest follower (stopping by from the link up!)

    1. I know! Each month seems to go by faster than the last one. Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower:)