Thursday, September 18, 2014

These Are My Confessions

I confess that...

Sometimes on the weekends the kids and I will only eat breakfast or lunch. Rarely do we have both unless we go out to eat. 

Even though I love fall, I hate pumpkin flavored everything. Except candles. 

 I feel the need to mention my hatred for all things that taste like Pumpkin every year around this time. Sick of hearing it yet? If I have to hear about how much you LOVE the PSL, you have to hear about how I don't.

68 degrees is a perfect temperature to be outside

While I'm reading and pinning recipes or DIYS I'm all "I'm going to make all of this stuff!" Then I realize I have no motivation to actually do it.

I love watching funny cat and dog videos on YouTube. Total time suck.

Hearing my favorite bloggers voice in a video sometimes blows my mind. Especially when it doesn't sound close to what I thought it would.

I'd choose a fruit favored candy (starburst, sweet tarts, etc) over a chocolate bar any day.

If I come across a blog where each entry is a novel, I close that window faster than you can blink. I need pictures!

I literally laugh out loud reading E-Cards.

What are some things you feel the need to confess?

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4 comments on "These Are My Confessions"
  1. I love cooler temperatures too. Fall is fantastic but pumpkin not so much. I tried a PSL once and hated it. I thought I was the only one in blog world!

  2. I like pumpkin in small doses. But I also say no to PSL. I love fruit or sour candies too!

    1. I want to love pumpkin and PSL, but I just can't. Guess we'll have to stick to the candy!