Friday, October 24, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have something wonderful planned for the weekend but before the weekend can officially begin, let's recap  my 5 things from the week.

I reorganized my closet and did a major purge. Did you know we've all been organizing our closets the wrong way? I'll do a full post on this next week and hopefully after reading it you'll have the same ah-ha moment that I did.

My husband bought this. Two cases to be exact. Apparently Surge was re-released and being sold on Amazon so he snatched some up. I think someone is trying to relive his childhood?

On Sunday we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant after visiting the pumpkin patch. Well apparently when I went to the bathroom, Ben helped himself to my phone and took 50 pictures (which were all blurry) of everything from the table, to the cheese dip, and his brother and cousin. He also happened to take a pretty awesome selfie. 

Considering I've pinned it twice now, I think it's time for me to make this delicious Almond Poppy Bread from Kaitlin


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6 comments on "5 on Friday"
  1. Isn't closet purging the best! I got oddly excited when I can see daylight in between my hangers! Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Yes! There's just something about an organized closet and getting rid of old things that feels so good:)

  2. So the true question is...does Surge still taste the same as it did in the 1990s?
    Beardy Heart Beauty

    1. I have yet to try it, but my husband says yes:)

  3. I'm excited to hear about your closet organization! It's on my to do list because my closet is a mess :)

    1. I usually try to keep an organized closet, but this has been life changing. It's so much easier to mess up a closet than it is to keep it clean:)